Loaded Longboard Buyers Guide

By 15/10/2019Longboard
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A Loaded Longboard can come in various setups and designs specific for the style of riding you wish to do.

Riding Styles Include:

  • FREESTYLE: Freestyle longboarding is a highly technical kind of riding style. performed mainly on flat ground, sometimes making use of surrounding obstacles such as street curbs and stairways.
  • FREERIDE: Freeride longboarding involves downhill riding although at low to moderate speed, with a focus on performing stylish power slides to control your descent.
  • DOWNHILL: Downhill longboarding involves riding down hills as fast as possible while keeping the board under control.
  • PUMPING: Pumping involves swaying your body back and forth and shifting your weight in a way that makes your longboard perform quick small turns, gaining momentum by leveraging centripetal forces, without your feet ever touching the ground.
  • CARVING: Carving is what really makes longboarding unique. Sure you can carve on a skateboard and snowboard, but longboards excel at carving. … Carving is shifting your body weight to the heel edge or toe edge of your foot in order to make an “S” pattern as you longboard
  • DANCING: Longboard dancing is a visual, flowy and skillful discipline that involves fluid cross-stepping and balancing tricks while carving on the board.


Compared to traditional skateboards, longboard have several subtleties in their design and setups that can drastically change the riding experience from one board to another. With this helpful guide, Loaded helps boil down your options into easily digestible categories to give you the knowledge you need to choose your next ride and get you on board.


Hybrid longboards combine elements of traditional skateboards and modern longboard design and construction. Hybrid boards provide the user with the ability to snap ollies or do other street-skating tricks but also provide a longer wheelbase to make commuting and standing on board more comfortable. For those looking for something small and easy to carry, check out the Loaded Poke. If you want a more robust yet modern take on the traditional skateboard, check out the board page for the Kanthaka. For a truly unique hybrid experience using old-school designs combined with moderate flex, be sure to look into the Loaded Overland.


Downhill/Freeride Boards are designed to be stable and safe at high speeds. Compared to the rest of the Loaded lineup, these boards focus on being stiff and keeping the user glued to the top of the board. All of the boards are top mounted for ideal leverage and control, but also feature a rockered platform to keep you slightly lower to the ground and craddled, wheel flares to fit larger wheels and give you a reference point for your feet, and W concave that provides a lump running through the center of the board to aid in slide control.

The Tesseract family, which include the Cantellated and Truncated versions, as well as the Loaded Chubby Unicorn BloodSlayer are the ideal boards for experimenting with going fast and busting out big slides. You can find which one best suits your style by visiting their board pages.


Carving boards are designed with flex in mind. Using unique concaves and outline shapes, these boards offer the rider a high performance ride that makes every trip to the store or around your neighborhood an adventure.

The Loaded lineup offers two different types of carving boards.

Top-Mounted carving boards offer a blend of traditional longboards and high performance flex patterns usually found in snowboards. A top mounted carving board provides the user with responsive turning and a spacious standing platform to move around on. If this sounds like your style, then check out the board pages for Loaded Vanguard and Fattail for more details on which one fits your needs.


Dancing longboards feature a spacious standing platform and longer length to give the rider maximum space for skating with friends or doing fancy foot work maneuvers. Though most larger sized longboards can feel heavy and cumbersome, the Loaded Bhangra and Loaded Tarab are designed to give you an agile ride and unique riding experience thanks to their different flex patterns. Be sure to check out their board pages to make sure you are getting a dancing board that fits your preferences.