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SurfEARS 3.0

SurfEars 3.0


The idea behind SurfEars was born in 2011 when Christian Dittrich, a cold water surfer for 25 years, had a serious ear infection during a surf trip to Morocco. Totally deaf on one ear for nearly a week and forced to stay out of the water, the infection was a real pain to get rid of. It wasn’t the first time and surely not the last. Christian went to examine his ears and was told he had a severe case of exostosis, or Surfer’s ear, in both ear canals. He was facing a future of either having to cope with bad ear plugs, go through a nasty surgery (which would only temporarily ease the issues) or quit surfing.

Having tried nearly all ear plugs on the market, the conclusion was always the same – wearing earplugs sucked. Not being able to hear your environment takes away a big part of the surfing experience. Struggling to hear and talk to other surfers makes you feel isolated and also affects your balance, which is crucial for surfers. Adding to that, most ear plugs had a bad fit, resulting in poor comfort and water leaking into your ear.

Tired of having to cope with lousy ear plugs, Christian decided it was time to come up with a better solution.

Christian and his team started working on SurfEars, a design that would become a truly important product for the world’s surfers.

The earplug project quickly became an obsession for us and we worked on numerous ideas, concepts and prototypes in the mission of creating the perfect earplug. We invested in a 3D printer, a priceless tool for building and testing ideas, and it was running non-stop for longer periods churning out new design concepts, eventually lead us to the final design.

The key requirements for our new product was to protect the ears without affecting important senses like hearing or balance, since they are crucial for surfers and other water athletes. We wanted a product that made it possible you to hear the world around you, communicate easily with other surfers and allowing you to embrace the full experience of surfing. We also wanted product that was so comfortable to use that you could keep it in your ears for hours, without even thinking about it.


Kicking off the project in 2011, SurfEars spent over 25 000 hours to get to where they are today. They say it takes 10 000 hours to really understand what you’re doing, so I guess they should be pretty good at designing ear plugs by now.
Looking back at the first product launched back in 2014 which was already a great product, we’re beyond stoked about the improvements they’ve made with SurfEars 3.0. It’s by far the best earplug we’ve ever tried.

More importantly, we’re proud to know that SurfEars will help many thousands of surfers get a better experience on the water while staying away from the doctor.

Parts Explanation

SurfEars 3.0 Explained - Wake2o

Keep your plugs in place. Comes in 2 sizes for custom fit.


Shaped to boost acoustic performance and sealed with a mesh that protects you from the elements.


Seals the ear canal in a comfortable and secure way. Comes in 4 sizes for custom fit.


Eliminates risk of lost plugs.


SurfEARS 3.0 lets you adjust how far into your ear canal the ear tips sit, increasing the products customisability. We know this is much appreciated by customers who already have surfers ear preventing them from using deep sitting earplugs.


One Pair of SurfEars

Pre assembled with medium gels, large wings and an adjustable leash

6 sealing gels

  • 2x size large
  • 2x size small
  • 2x size x-small

Two support wings

size small

Storage case

An awesome Magnetic Clasp, storage case to keep them safe


The ultimate cold water protection 

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