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Jobe duna Inflatable Paddle Board 2021 - Isup - Wake2o

Jobe Sports proudly release the 2021 high-end, Jobe Inflatable Paddle Board collection, making them one of the leading brands in the market. But 2021 is something completely different and sets Jobe apart from the pack as THE SUP brand!

So what are the innovations? What’s the tech that makes Jobe tick?

We get it, you want some details. In this blog, we’re going to talk you through all of jobe’s  ISUP innovations, some old but gold and some brand new! Making this new range, Jobe’s best Inflatable Paddle board range to date.


Watch the video below, and see for yourselves what makes the new Jobe range so special.


Jobe Duna Inflatable Sup Package 11.6 2021 - Jobe Sup - Best Inflatable Touring Sup - Shrewsburys Only SPaddleboard Shop - Wake2o
TIP AND TAIL HANDLE: Integrated handles on the tip and tail, make it easier to get your SUP out of the water.
DOCKING RING: The integrated docking ring makes it easy to connect your SUP to anything.
DOUBLE STRINGERS: A stringer on the top and bottom of the board for extra stiffness and strength. This also supports the rocker of the board, making sure the board retains its shape.
STORAGE CORD: The Storage bungee cord is integrated in the design. Creating more room to store your gear when you are out on the water.
RAIL TAPE: The rail tape is placed over the seams of the board creating a more durable construction, while also guaranteeing air tightness.
CARRY HANDLE: A comfortable padded neoprene carry handle to easily carry your SUP around.
EVA DECK PAD: The large EVA deck pad gives you a comfortable surface to stand on all day long, while providing you with plenty of grip.
EVA DECK GRIP: The back of the deck pad has diamond pattern for added grip to initiate your turns quickly.
LEASH RING: The leash ring is integrated with the deck pad, making it sturdy and creating a clean look.
EZ LOCK FIN: The most easy to use and secure fin ever! Easily click this fin in and secure it down with the lock.
  • X-STRINGER CONSTRUCTION: An innovation which we added 2 years ago: X-stringer construction! Instead of the normal dropstitch construction, which you will find throughout the market, we have our X-stringer construction. This gave us one step ahead of the competition making our SUP board stiffer and lighter then anyone out there!.
  • (DOUBLE) STRINGER: Together with the X-stringer construction, we added a extra PVC stringer on the top of the board. This made for a better rocker shape in the board and even more stiffness. Our Aero series uses this tech making them stiffer then the competition and giving you a lot of value for your money. For 2021 we doubled down on our tech by adding an extra stringer on the bottom of our Premium range boards. This means our Premium range are our stiffest boards to date with a top and bottom stringer.
  • RAILTAPE: The seem of the board is a spot which people tend to bump into rocks, docks and other objects. So a few years ago, we wanted to improve on this and ensure that you get a SUP which is made to last. So we placed a reinforced railtape over the seem of the board. This added layer adds stiffness and ensures durability for your SUP, making it the perfect bumper for your SUP!
  • FORM MEETS FUNCTION: Our SUP designer observed our collection throughout the years and wanted to step it up a notch! Not only does this SUP collection look great but it’s design is functional as well. Our handles and storage cords are all integrated which makes for a sleek look with functional features. No more patches over your board but practical integrated features or as we say: Form meets Function!
  • EZ-LOCK FIN: Easy as can be! Our new EZ-lock fin makes for an easier use and more secure fit. This brand new fin box is a brand new innovation in the Jobe range and makes for the most user-friendly experience out there!
  • DECKPAD: The EVA deckpads on our SUP range are divided in 2 parts; a big comfortable EVA deckpad and a grip pad on the back of the deckpad. The grip pad on the back of the deckpad gives you more control for faster turning and better response.
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