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Introducing: Jobe 2022 Aero Stand Up Paddle Boards.

This year Jobe celebrate their 10 years of entering the paddle board world! Back in 2012, their SUP range only consisted of 1 board. Now, in 2022 they have 11 SUP boards divided between their aero SUP range and their premium aero SUP range.

Jobe Aero SUP Series

Jobe’s aero SUP range contains three different boards which are perfect for welcoming into the paddle board world. These Jobe SUP’s are perfect entry level boards which are great value of money. Despite being Jobe’s base range of inflatable paddle boards, they are still one of the best on the market and still have all of Jobe’s technology.

Let’s introduce you to the trio:

The Jobe Yama 8.6 – best for your kids

This board is perfect for bringing your kids out on paddling with you. The Jobe Yama includes a kid’s paddle to keep the ratio between a kid and their gear.

The Jobe Mira 10.0All round and accessible board

The Mira is one of Jobe’s most friendly and accessible boards. It is an extremely maneuverable and lightweight.

Jobe Mira Inflatable Sup Package 2021 - Shrewsbury Paddleboard Shop - Wake2o - UK Cheap Sup Sale - Wake2o
The Jobe Leona 10.6The best available, made accessible with allround perfection

Excelling maneuverability, stability and speed combined with a affordability. Allround perfection made for the masses.

Jobe Leona Inflatable Sup Package 10.6 2021 - Jobe Sup - Best Inflatable Touring Sup - Shrewsburys Only SPaddleboard Shop - Wake2o

Jobe Premium Aero 2022 SUP Range.

Now to introduce you to the Jobe 2022 Premium Aero SUP range. This range is for those who want nothing but the best. Jobe have made these boards the lightest and stiffest boards in the market combined with premium products in the package. A premium experience on the water is not only reached with the board itself, but also with high-end accessories like a lightweight fiberglass paddle, which are always included in a Premium Aero Series Package.

Now to show you the range that consists of 8 boards:

The Jobe Yarra 10.6The ultimate all rounder

The Yarra is one of Jobe’s best seller and for a reason. The best all round paddle board. It is the ultimate combination of maneuverability, speed and stability. It is available in two colourways: teal and steel blue.

The Jobe Loa 11.6The family SUP

One of Jobe’s biggest boards and the most stable at the same time. The Loa is a great board to bring your child or dog along paddling with you.

Jobe Loa Inflatable Sup Package 11.6 2021 - Jobe Sup - Best Inflatable Touring Sup - Shrewsburys Only SPaddleboard Shop - Wake2o
The Jobe Duna 11.6The explorer SUP

Another hero out of the Jobe SUPs is the Duna. An accessible board that is optimised for touring, whilst being stability friendly. You can’t go wrong with this one.

Jobe Duna Inflatable Sup Package 11.6 2021 - Jobe Sup - Best Inflatable Touring Sup - Shrewsburys Only SPaddleboard Shop - Wake2o
The Jobe Adventure Duna 11.6 The ultimate explorer board

A new model for 2022 is the Jobe adventure Duna. The Duna in a new jacket. With a new buckling system and 2 matching bags to simplify your adventurous tours on the water. An absolute game changer for the world of paddle boarding.

Jobe Adventure Duna 11.6 Inflatable Sup Package - Wake2o
The Jobe E-Duna 11.6Electric explorer SUP

This is something a little different. This might be one of the coolest products Jobe have developed. An electrical driven paddle board with an integrated pump just paddle boarding to a whole other level.

Jobe E-Duna Inflatable Sup Package 11.6 2022 - Jobe Sup - Best Inflatable Touring Sup - Shrewsburys Only SPaddle board Shop - Wake2o
The Jobe Neva 12.6The touring SUP.

This board is made for those who enjoy touring coastal lines or rivers. Due to it being streamlined, the Neva is the fastest in the Jobe aero SUP range. If you want to go long distances, this is the weapon for you.

Jobe Neva 12.6 Inflatable Paddle Board - Wake2o
The Jobe Mohaka 10.2The allround SUP with addition windsurf option

the Mohaka is a paddle board is suitable for windsurfing but can also be used as a great allrounder. This board is available as a package, with or without the windsurf sail.

The Jobe Supersized 15.0The Party SUP

Now this is something different. A paddle board for multiple people. The supersize easily holds up to 400 kg which makes it a perfect board to take family and friends out on the water with you.

Jobe Supersized Inflatable Sup 15.0 - Inflatable Multi Rider Sup - Shrewsbury Paddleboard Shop - Wake2o

That’s a wrap on all the Jobe aero SUP 2022 range. If you need a little extra help picking the perfect board for you, check the chart below.

Jobe SUP help guide - Wake2o

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