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About Royal Truck Co.

Royal is a skate brand belonging to the Girl skateboard family. Girl also owns well known brands such as Chocolate, Fourstar, and Lakai. Royal, based out of Torrance, California, was co-founded by Rudy Johnson and Guy Mariano in 1999. They produce a full line of skateboard gear to fit all riding styles. If you’re looking to upgrade your skateboard, check out what this brand has to offer! Royal skateboard bearings put other brands to shame with their incredible speed. Made of tough steel, their high quality bearings guarantee a super fast ride! They come in gold and silver—the royal treatment! To give your board some additional lift, check out Royal skateboard riser pads, which go between the trucks and the deck to prevent wheel bite. Their riser pads are shock-absorbent and will help prevent your deck from cracking. If you’re ready to take your boarding to the next level, then try out Royal skateboard wax. This wax can be applied to railings and curbs, giving you control while trying out new tricks! Keep your belongings together in Royal skateboard backpacks. Their backpacks come in both traditional and duffle styles. Keep your skateboard safe and protected with their duffle bags!

When it comes to improving your skateboard’s performance and refining your skating skills, Royal has you covered. Choose Royal for your riding needs and feel the difference!