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Tony Hawk Skateboards Signiture Series boast some awesome graphics and quality materials. Give one a try, we guarantee you will be impressed!

Way back in 1977, Tony Hawk received his first ever skateboard at age nine from his brother. Who knew then that the blue, fibreglass deck of the Bahne skateboard would change the young American’s life? His dedication to the sport saw him turn pro at just 14 – five years after receiving his first skateboard and just two years later at age 16, he was considered by most to be the best skateboarder on Earth!

Today he is easily the most recognised action sports figure in the world and through the Tony Hawk Foundation he is giving back to the community that helped him achieve his dream. So far the foundation has funded over 500 skateparks throughout America helping who knows how many young children, just like Tony, get into the sport.

Not bad for a kid who when he first got on a skateboard, got to the end of the driveway and shouted “How do I turn?”