Annox Union Next 5/4/3mm Mens Wetsuit – Blue


  • Chest zip
  • Thermal fleece
  • Glued Blind stitched
  • 5/4/3 mm Thickness
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Annox Union is a quality wetsuit for men of all ages that can be used for any water sport. A sumptuous performance, high comfort and optimal wetsuit thickness for use all year round.

With the use of GBS technology, which are smart seams combined with a strong glue and special tape, you get a wetsuit that is super durable, flexible and water resistant. And to reduce water penetration further, the Annox Union is designed as a front zip wetsuit.
This means that the zipper is by the chest and not at the back. A front zip helps to keep water out, but also creates more flexibility, as the zipper does not get in the way of your movements.
The Annox Union wetsuit is lined with wool inside, which keeps you warm and allows you to use it during the cold winter months. There is also great wind resistance both in front and behind the back, due to a technical use of a mesh-skin material.

In short, Annox Union is a quality wetsuit for men. Perfect for kitesurfing, kayaking and SUP surfing, as well as general surfing in all seasons.


  • Chest zip
  • Thermal fleece
  • Glued Blind stitched


★ SUP / Kayak ★★★★☆
★ Paddle Surf ★★★★☆
★ Kitesurfing / Windsurfing ★★★★★
★ Wakeboard ★★★☆☆
★ Open Water Swimming ★★★☆☆
★ Underwater Hunting ★★★★☆
★ All-Round Casual Swimming & Fun ★★☆☆☆
★ Quality ★★★★★
Year 2021
Thickness 5/4/3 mm
Season Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter
Type Fullsuit
Gender Male
Zipper System Frontzip
Seams Glued, Blind stitch
Inner foam Thermal Fleece
Water Temperature 5° – 18°
Air Temperature 0° – 22°


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