Cruzade Holy Shit Skateboard Complete – 9.0


  • Width: 9.0″
  • Length: 31.5″
  • Trucks: Iron 5.8 High
  • Wheel: Cruzade 56mm 84a
  • 7-ply maple construction

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Enjoy the best Skateboard decks thanks to Cruzade.

The Cruzade Holy Shit 9.0″ deck is an amazing old school board with a shinny golden shit and lots of flies swirling around. Pure rock and roll, this shit is the holy shit!! Gold foil ink in this amazing old school shaped board, perfect for all kind of skateboarding.

This awesome artwork was done by Guto.

Tech specs

  • Width: 9.375″
  • Length: 31.5″
  • Wheelbase: 14.2″
  • Tail: 6.62”
  • Nose: 5.58”
  • Trucks: Iron 5.8 High
  • Wheel: 56mm 84A
  • 7-ply maple construction

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