Enuff Skateboard Bearings – Black / Green


  • Precision Low Friction Bearings
  • Pre-Lubricated with Militec-1
  • Ultra Low Friction Oil
  • Set of 8 Swiss Style Bearings
  • High precision chrome bearings

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Enuff skateboard bearings are high-quality and long-lasting; they provide smooth rolling and fast riding. Available in ABEC5, 7 and 9 as well as Swiss and Black versions. Standard skate bearings size which will fit all wheels including Skateboards, Scooters, Inline Skates, Quad Skates.


  • Ultra-fast precision bearings
  • Removable rubber shields for easy servicing
  • Precision clearances giving an ultra-smooth ride
  • Low Friction Nylon Ball Retainer
  • Chrome Bearings

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