HangTime Skateboard Wall Mount


Hangtime’s patented unique Skateboard Wall Mounts allow your board to be shown in full display with a nearly invisible  mounting system.



The Only Way To Hang with the HangTime Skateboard Wall Mount!

The Hangtime Skateboard Wall Mount system turns your skateboard into art, while keeping it safely stored.

Accomodates most standard skateboards and some Longboards.

Mounts with trucks out.

Show the boards bottom art.

Available in Black and Gray colors.

Plastic Construction.

Grab it and Go!

****Important Information****

Truck mounting screws must be steel for magnetic mount to hold your board.

Lower edge of board must be mounted within 15″ from floor.

Lower mount can be omitted if lower edge of board rests on the floor.

Longboards with standard skateboard trucks must be mounted to rest on the floor.

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