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Indy have been designing and developing wakeboard racks for the past 8 years, they know what works!

The Indy Kneeboard racks are easy to install on your tower with our 2.5inch clamps with rubber inserts for 2.25inch and 2inch included.

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Indy created and released the first Kneeboard racks, combo wake/kneeboard on the aftermarket. Indy have been designing and developing wakeboard towers and accessories for over a decade now. Starting in 2006 with a basic polished kneeboard racks and then developed the combo rack. We quickly learnt the basic polished rack were bad in the marine environment, going dull pitting and always cleaning and polishing. So we quickly changed to Anodized and Glossy powder coated black racks.

Over the years we innovated and created the best kneeboard racks on the market to protect your kneeboard boards. Through listening to our valuable customers and using the products ourselves. We concentrated on the finer functioning details and updated our designs to the current series you see now in 2010, they are now well proven solid performers.

The main difference if you take the time, is the location of the kneeboard slot. It is on the bottom of the rack, with the wakeboard slot is on top.  This allows you to have easy access to you kneeboard without dodging and fighting with you wakeboard size and boots. Having the kneeboard on the bottom, makes slotting the bulky kneeboard into the rack so much easier that trying to put into a high angled position. Plus a bottom position the bungee cord us up against the base of your board, no compressing and damaging your padded area of the kneeboard.

Take note of the details and compare to other brands, you will notice our middle finger of the racks is thicker at the tip. (compare this to other brands, they are all parallel and have a common problem of boards hitting each other causing damage) We do not want you damaging your boards, the kneeboard racks are for a purpose, protect your boards and get them off the floor of your boat. This middle finger tip being thick, has the slots angled apart so the boards, angle away from each other. Therefore, no hitting each other. That has to be work it in the long run, no damage.

If you look close at the bottom of the slot you will notice it is a triangular wedge shape for the top position wakeboard, this is on purpose to give your board that extra bit of locking into place to reduce movement whilst in the rack and held in place by the bungee cord strap. A closer look at the bottom slot you will notice a couple of curves, this is created to take a normal thick surfboard as well as locking in the molded edge of the thick kneeboards and room for the foam padding. Being on the bottom also protects the foam on top of your kneeboard from the bungee strap. Other brands the bungee comes down tight onto your padding and over time damages it.

We have then created some more solutions to help make life easier. A normal kneeboard rack you are stuck with the angle the brand has created the fingers. So when you attach to your rear tower leg, whatever your tower leg angle is and the rack and you are stuck with that. There is no adjustment, you are stuck with it no matter what you do. Well we have made our fingers different, they attach from the side for a reason, if you look close there are 3 separate holes, you can adjust the fingers angle by changing which hole you place the bolt to attach. So once you have attached the rack to your tower legs (as we know all rear legs will be different on different boats) you can now personally adjust to the angle you want your kneeboard and wakeboard to sit.

We have then came up with a solution for those who do not want to spend the extra cash on a swing rack adaptor for simple storage whilst driving or parking in the dock to get your racks inside the boats outline.
We created in our design is an extra hole you can see up the top finger. This allows you to undo and bolt and swing the finger down and inside the boats outline and re attach the bolt. Keeping the rack on the tower for travel and storage in a dock, without the risk of knocking of the fingers on a vehicle, building or trees.

Clamps are 2.5inch with a 2.25inch rubber insert.


We use quality raw material a 6061 solid Aircraft Aluminium which is cnc machined to our specs in thickness and design for pure performance.  The inside surface of the finger has a special machined 4mm channel to take our UV treated hard rubber bumper which is a mushroom shape to look after your boards. All the hardware is stainless steel for the marine environment. We include a marine grade bungee cord which is already installed for your use.


Indy smooth polish the 6061 alloy components of the rack then clear anodized it for the best protection in the marine environment. No polishing needed just a quick wipe down. These are registered design patent products.

The difference is the finer details



Indy Kneeboard Rack Install Guide


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