Jobe Wake Handle Pro


  • Leather grip
  • 15′ Handle
  • 29 mm grip
  • Spectra

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The extremely lightweight molded Jobe Wake Handle Pro is made out of soft and grippy 4 mm EVA foam and rocks a leather outer layer.


  • Leather grip: It is extremely durable, provides excellent grip and has an EVA layer underneath for a softer feel.
  • 15′ Handle: For the big boys! Perfect for handle passes.
  • 29 mm grip: 29 mm Diameter Grip. Diameter sizing is measured in millimeters. Typically diameter sizing should correspond with hand size depending on preference. Bigger hands can benefit from a larger diameter grip to help with fatigue during long sessions.
  • Spectra: Spectra rope offers maximum stiffness and is ultra-lightweight. It’s extremely durable, 100% non-stretching and resistant to UV, saltwater, and abrasion.

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