NKD Extreme Stunt Scooter – Rainbow


  • Beginner / Advanced
  • Bars Material: Chromoly 4130
  • Bar Height: 670
  • Max Rider Weight: 100kg

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The NKD Extreme Stunt scooter is the strongest scooter of theirs to date. It is designed for the most extreme of scooter stunts, and is suitable for both the skate park and street rides.
Whether you are a beginner or a professional does not matter. NKD Extreme can be used to improve upon your abilities, and for hardcore stunts with many wild spins.
An all-around great stunt scooter!

NKD Extreme is made of a high quality aluminum, which in addition to being extremely strong, is also super light. In short, the perfect material for a stunt scooter.
This great design is further enhanced by the 3D design’s one-piece CNC cutout, which applies to both the deck and fork. It also provides an extremely precise design, which avoids the use of welding – thereby achieving an even stronger scooter.
In combination with the mounted lightweight NKD Hollow Air wheels, you will be able to feel the robustness of the scooter as you land hard after a cool stunt in the air.
In addition to being excellent wheels for comfortable rides, they are also incredibly lightweight. This is due to the material and the construction itself with the holes in the metal, which together gives a strong pair of wheels of almost no weight.
NKD Extreme even gets significantly lower in weight with the many cutouts in the design for the headtube, the neck and the fork, as well as NKD’s signature cut in the middle of the deck. As a result of this and the prestigious aluminum material, you get an extremely light, strong and durable scooter for use in skate parks and street riding.

NKD Extreme is a CE approved scooter. It received this approval as part of its preparation and has undergone numerous tests, conducted by NKD’s professional team riders and a fantastic team of skilled engineers, as well as designers. They all recommend this quality scooter to people with an interest in sport, no matter their level and abilities for performing stunts.


★ Street ★★★★★
★ Ramp ★★★★★
★ Slide ★★★★★
★ Transport ★★★★★
★ Quality ★★★★★
CE-Certified Yes
Total height 91 cm
Weight 4300 g
Max Load 100 kg
Deck design One-Piece, 3D CNC Cutout
Deck material Aluminium 6061
Deck length 530 mm
Deck width 125 mm
Concave Shallow
Compression type SCS
Fork One-Piece, 3D CNC Cutout
Headset type Integrated
Clamp size Quad
Bar material Chromoly 4130
Bar height 670 mm
Bar width 617 mm
Handgrip width 160 mm
Outer diameter 32 mm (35 mm Shim)
Inner diameter 28 mm
Wheel diameter 120 mm
Wheel hub width 24 mm
Wheel hardness 88 A
Core material Aluminium 6061 T6
Wheel design Spoked
Wheel profile Medium
Bearings ABEC-9, K1000 F1 Perfomance
Brake type Flex Fender
Axle length – Front 45 mm
Axle length – Back 110 mm
Assembly Partly assembled

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