NKD Next Generation Stunt Scooter – Black/Rainbow


  • NKD Next Generation Scooter is suitable for beginners aged 3-12 years

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NKD Next Generation is suitable for beginners aged 3-12 years.
NKD Next Gen. is made for new riders who dream of becoming PRO trick scooter riders. Passion and talent are not something that can be held back. Therefore, beware! Here comes Team NKD Scooters with Next Generation, a scooter designed to do demanding tricks, easy as a game.

NKD manages with the Next Gen. scooter to combine strength and a light weight. The prestigious 6061 aluminum material ensures the strength of the deck that can withstand being beaten all day. One-peice deck design is, of course, a necessity for any stunt scooter. NKD Next Gen. has strong welds at the neck, deck and head tube so that the scooter can withstand prolonged use.
A classic tick T-bar made of strong steel, gives a bad look and is held on the front fork with a strong double clamp. The front fork is also constructed of strong steel with weight-saving cutouts. NKD Next Generation is fitted with fast MDI rubber wheels, so you have control and good comfort when driving through the city streets. The bar is equipped with super soft handles, which provide a firm grip and a high level of comfort when you begin your first tricks and bar spins.

The scooter is designed with a light construction, specially targeted for light riders – just for the young people who will be the next generation of PRO trick scooter riders.



★ Street ★★★★☆
★ Ramp ★★★☆☆
★ Slide ★★★☆☆
★ Transport ★★★☆☆
★ Quality ★★★★☆
CE-Certified Yes
Total height 80 cm
Weight 3300 g
Max Load 100 kg
Deck design One-Piece
Deck material Aluminium 6061
Deck length 482 mm
Deck width 100 mm
Concave Shallow
Compression type Threaded
Fork One-Piece
Headset type Non-integrated
Clamp size Double
Bar material Chrome steel
Bar height 560 mm
Bar width 480 mm
Outer diameter 32 mm
Inner diameter 28 mm
Wheel diameter 100 m
Wheel hub width 24 mm
Wheel hardness 85 A
Core material Nylon
Wheel design Spoked
Wheel profile Medium
Bearings ABEC-7
Brake type Flex Fender
Assembly Partly assembled

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