NKD Nitro V4 Stunt Scooter – RAINBOW


  • Beginner / Advanced
  • Bars Material: Chromoly 4130
  • Bar Height: 670mm
  • Max Rider Weight: 100kg

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NKD Nitro V4 Stunt Scooter

NKD Nitro V4 stunt scooter is suitable for the beginner or pro rider with the most focus on street and slides. NKD Nitro is used by riders aged between 6-18 years.

The NKD Nitro V4 stunt scooter is aesthetically designed, and created to run lose and complete any task you may be exposed to. The scooter can be used by beginners and more experienced riders within the sport. In fact, several NKD pro riders prefer this particular stunt scooter and perform big air, multiple spins and tailwhips, as well as awesome grinds with ease!

The secret behind the stylish and high-performance scooter is a perfect interplay between elegant components and a durable construction. A classic IHC compression system ensures a good response between the front fork and the bar during spins – absolutely no swings in the roller.
A great feature for the NKD Nitro deck is that it is constructed with 3d forged head tube and neck in one and the same piece of metal! It eliminates potentially weak welding joints that can be weakened by hardcore tricks. Full width of the deck at the rear, ensures better grinds and strengthens the construction.
The strength is also increased in the front fork, which is produced by CNC cutting, and thus gives an extremely precise and strong result. Another premium feature of the NKD Nitro scooter is the lightweight aluminum bar. Here, an oversized triple clamp complements the outer diameter of the bar, and the inner diameter of the classic IHC compression system. The bar completes with a good grip, thanks to the mounted super soft NKD Shadow grips.
NKD Nitro keeps the weight even lower with cutouts in the front fork, headtube and neck as well as the underside of the deck. In addition, NKD Nitro is fitted with lightweight NKD Hollow Air 120mm wheels, which make the scooter fly just by looking at it!
Lightweight and prestigious T6 heat-treated 6061 aluminum material makes NKD Nitro a reliable partner in the skate park or when riding around the city streets.

NKD Nitro is a CE-approved scooter that has been tested by NKD’s professional team riders, as well as a fantastic team of skilled engineers and designers. A safe choice for anyone with an interest in the sport and who appreciates quality and a top-notch design.


★ Street ★★★★★
★ Ramp ★★★★★
★ Slide ★★★★★
★ Transport ★★★★☆
★ Quality ★★★★★
CE-Certified Yes
Total height 91 cm
Weight 3850 g
Max Load 100 kg
Deck design One-Piece
Deck material Aluminium 6061
Deck length 520 mm
Deck width 125 mm
Compression type Nitro = IHC / Nitro STREET EDITION = HIC
Fork One-Piece, 3D CNC Cutout
Headset type Integrated
Clamp size Triple
Bar material Nitro = Aluminium 6061 T6 / Nitro STREET EDITION = Chromoly 4130 Steel
Bar height 670 mm
Bar width Nitro = 580 mm / Nitro STREET EDITION = 600 mm
Handgrip width 160 mm
Outer diameter 35 mm
Inner diameter Nitro = 28 mm / Nitro STREET EDITION = 32 mm
Wheel diameter 120 mm
Wheel hub width 24 mm
Wheel hardness 88 A
Core material Aluminium 6061 T6
Wheel design Hollow Core
Wheel profile Medium
Bearings ABEC-9, K1000 F1 Perfomance
Brake type Flex Fender
Axle length – Front 45 mm
Axle length – Back 110 mm
Assembly Partly assembled




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