NKX Brain Saver Helmet – Vanilla


Suitable for:

  • Skateboarding
  • Inline skating
  • Biking
  • Scooters
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This is NKX’s Brain Saver helmet. The helmet is CE-approved and can be used for skateboarding, in-liners, biking and scooters. The helmet is lightweight and is made with a smart “Twist n’ Fit” design that makes it easy to adjust the helmet to fit you.

Naked Brain Saver is specifically designed to protect your head and keep the contacts in the brain connected. The design features a turtle shell and a highly absorbent liner. The construction of the Hard shells quality is assured with Naked’s ABS / EPS technology that provides a powerful exterior and a more flexible interior. This helmet can be used as protective gear for skateboarding, inliners, biking and scooters. The helmet is CE marked (EN-1078) and has an international approval for protection ability, which is especially important for bicycle helmets.
The comfort of the helmet is further enhanced with 360 Velor Soft Padding around the edge and on top. It is ultra soft and comfortable to wear against the skin. This padding is in cooperation with the helmet ventilation design to remove sheaths from your forehead and generally provides good ventilation.


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