NKX Maverick Surfskate


  • Beginner to Advanced
  • Deck: Canadian Maple
  • Bearings: Abec 9
  • Trucks: NKX Surf 10″

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The NKX Maverick Surfskate is a directional cruiser longboard made for that amazingly sweet surf like feeling on all your skating rides. These surfskates are for everyone of all ages, both beginning skaters and more advanced longboarders, who wants to surf along the concrete waves and enjoy lots of good times cruising on a quality skateboard from NKX!
Sounds a little like something you could see yourself doing, don’t it? Well, what are you waiting on then? The NKX Slim Surfskates sure would love an awesome ride on some imaginary waves of sun bathed asphalt!
These directional surfskates are shaped like an old school surfboard with a shallow concave for a stable strong ride, a kick-tail for stunts and cutouts (wheel-wells) that reduces the chances of wheelbite a great deal. This ensures you a longboard well-suited for what a surfskate should be able to deliver, meaning the ultimate surf like feeling to experience when out skating on the roads.
The squared edged wheels of the relatively smaller size 69 mm will have a lot of grip on roads, which guarantees you a comfortable ride with a fast acceleration. Making these surfskates ideal for cruising, carving and pumping, as well as that enjoyable and very popular surf-feeling.
In addition, you get NKX’s very own and fantastic surf truck. This quality surf truck is one of the market’s most recognized and it’s well earned. The surf truck got features that allows you to almost surf endlessly on the tarmac easily and effortlessly. The surf truck is well known and loved by many, giving these surf skates the final edge in terms of their exceptional quality.

So, lets get surf-skating on one of these quality surfskates by NKX, hours of fun await you on the streets racing by on an NKX Slim Surfskate!



Surf feel / Carving★★★★★
Long Distance Push★★★★★
Length Maverick: 78,74 cm (31″)
Width Maverick: 26,03 cm (10.25″)
WheelbaseMaverick: 46,5 cm (18.30″)
Deck material6 layers Canadian Maple/ Olive Wood
Deck featuresKicktail, Truck Placement for Surf-feel
WeightMaverick: 2800 g
Wheel size69 mm
Wheel edgeSquared edge
Wheel hardness78 A
Truck SizeNKX 25,4 cm (10″) Surf Trucks
Truck mountingTopmounted