O’Brien Adventure Travel 3PC SUP Paddle


  • 3-Piece Design
  • Aluminum Shaft
  • Angled and Contoured Fibreglass Reinforced Nylon Blade
  • 7″ Blade Width
  • Grooved shaft
  • Premium Adjustment Clamp
  • Paddle Length – 68″ to 85″ adjustment range
  • Weight – 2.1 lbs

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The Adventure Travel Paddle is an excellent option for beginner paddlers or those who tend to be a little rough on gear. The aluminum shaft and fiberglass reinforced nylon blade are highly durable and work well together for leisurely cruises on the water, while its 3-piece design makes storage and travel a breeze.


Adventure Travel SUP Paddle Features:

  • 3-Piece Design – Perfect for storage and travel
  • Aluminum Shaft – Lightweight and durable
  • Angled and Contoured Blade – Durable, fiberglass reinforced nylon blade designed for controlled strokes
  • 7″ Blade Width – Travels quickly through the water and minimizes stress on shoulders
  • Grooved shaft – Eliminates twisting of the shaft components and always remains straight
  • Premium Adjustment Clamp – Effortless adjustability with strong clamping power
  • Paddle Length – 68″ to 85″ adjustment range
  • Weight – 2.1 lbs
O'Brien Adventure Travel Aluminium Paddle - Wake2o

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