Story High Roller Stunt Scooter – Army Green


★ Street ★★★★☆
★ Ramp ★★★★★
★ Slide ★★★★☆
★ Transport ★★★☆☆
★ Quality ★★★★☆

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Story High Roller Stunt Scooter for children and young people aged 7-14 years. The scooter is intended for beginners and the experienced scooter rider. This stunt scooter is good in skate parks and slides with ease. It can also be used for transportation and various street spots.

This stunt scooter is an expression of the latest trends of the scooter world! Modern features such as large aluminum wheels, deep pearly colors of the wheels and grips and additional weight-reducing cut-outs of the clamp and headtube – all features rarely seen on scooters in this class.

With this setup, Story has made a scooter with a low weight and very high use-value. The setup is built on a lightweight aluminum deck with two sliding rails on the bottom side. Strengthening triangular principles make the durability of this neck superior. At the front of the neck, where the force is greatest under landings, the typical square angles are reduced to two obtuse angles, increasing the strength by 30%. The headtube has a weight-reducing cut-out where the fork can be seen through. The direction of the scooter is determined by a forged fork which is held in place by a classic IHC compression system. Weight-reduced clamp keeps the fork in line, so you have a good grip with the soft handles. The large 110mm wheels with a stylish spoked core design are topped off with a wonderful deep pearly color blend of the wheel’s PU.

Create your own story with this scooter from the brand Story.


★ Street ★★★★☆
★ Ramp ★★★★★
★ Slide ★★★★☆
★ Transport ★★★☆☆
★ Quality ★★★★☆
Total height 84 cm
Weight 3550 g
Max Load 100 kg
Deck design One-Piece
Deck material Aluminium 6061
Material strength grade T6
Deck length 500 mm
Deck width 108 mm
Concave Shallow
Compression type IHC
Fork Two-Piece
Headset type Non-integrated
Clamp size Triple
Bar material Chromoly 4130
Bar height 590 mm
Bar width 540 mm
Outer diameter 32 mm
Inner diameter 28 mm
Wheel diameter 110 mm
Wheel hub width 24 mm
Wheel hardness 88 A
Core material Aluminium
Wheel design Spoked
Wheel profile Medium
Bearings ABEC-7
Brake type Flex Fender
Axle length – Front 30 mm
Axle length – Back 45 mm
Assembly Partly assembled

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