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Graham Smith Surfboards

Graham Smith Surfboards continue to produce a high-end quality products that has being proven and tested by some of the world’s best surfers. Their APS3000 shaping machine is one of the leading pre-shapes machines that will make a difference to your ordered board.

Graham is all about making sure there are boards that are progressive and having a range of models designed to suit your surfing that will ride in most conditions. Feedback from his team riders and customers is crucial, as developing and improving new technologies is something that he will always attend to.

Consistency is key!  G Force by Graham Smith Surfboards strives to manufacture and supply the correct quality product at all times and remain as a high-end surfboard boutique that gives you confidence when choosing your next surfboard.

Today, we find many surfers being disappointed with what they ordered.

At Graham Smith Surfborards, we guarantee you satisfaction.

We can order any model board to your specification. Download the custom order form, complete and return it to us for a quote.

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