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Dive into the Freedom: Explore the Waters with Our Premium Inflatable Paddle Boards

Our Inflatable Paddle Boards redefine convenience and versatility. Engineered for the ultimate blend of portability and performance, these paddle boards are your passport to ride anywhere. Forged from unyielding materials, they're a fortress against the elements – from tranquil lakes to rowdy oceans. With a hassle-free inflate-and-deflate dance, setting up or packing down is a breeze, making it your ultimate travel companion.

It doesn't matter if you're a water rookie or a seasoned wave warrior, our blow up paddle boards promise steadfast stability and nimble manoeuvrability for the ride of your life. Glide along serene waterways, ignite your passion for daring water sports, or unwind with a leisurely day on the water. Make the call to ride with our inflatable SUPs, and you'll unveil a new chapter of boundless exploration. Dive into our paddle board collection now and let the currents lead you to your next unforgettable aquatic escapade.

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      Inflatable Stand UP Paddle Boards have blown up over the past few years and we are here for it. Inflatable SUPs (Stand UP Paddleboards) are undoubtedly the most popular variety of paddle boards as they are super portable, lightweight, and easy to store. The term Sup is the acronym for Stand Up Paddleboard.


      They are super easy to fold down and all come with a large rucksack back that fits into your boot so that you don't need to get roof racks. The paddle board bags have a shoulder strap so you can transport your board to the beach or your location easily. Pump them up and you're good to go!


      We have a wide variety of Blow-Up Stand Up Paddle Boards from the top leading brands like Jobe, O'Shea, and many more! All boards are high quality with the latest technology. We have budget-friendly boards too so there is one for everybody.We have boards from 10' - 12.6' so there is a board for all levels and whatever type of paddle boarding you want to do, whether it is surfing, touring, or just an all-around good-for-everybody board. With 10.6' being the middle of the range size-wise, great for beginners and intermediates. They can be used riding small waves, or going touring, they are just the perfect solution for everyone. Any longer than 10.6 are great touring boards and below 10.6 is perfect for smaller, lighter riders and great for small waves as they are a bit more fidgety. All paddle boards we offer come as a complete package, meaning they come with a paddle, leash, bag, pump and of course the board so you have everything in one order! No need to worry about missing anything.


      When looking for the best inflatable sup you need to consider the construction of the boards. Cheap sups tend not to focus on quality as they are more price-conscious. Referred to as budget sups, they will suffer from construction quality and have minimal performance. The majority of these boards tend to be single-skin, also having poor drop stitch quality. Check out our blog post to see why cheap paddle boards aren't worth it We do not sell budget inflatable Sups. All of our boards are from reputable brands that invest heavily in producing the premium product you deserve.


      Take the Jobe Inflatable Sup Range, they have packed their boards full of cutting-edge tech. X-stitch Drop stitching. The drop stitch is not the standard vertical thread, instead, they have the threads twisted and stitched into an X shape. This increases stiffness, reduces weight, and being super strong, can take increased pressures - which also aids the stiffness. Added to this is heat welded seams. The seams are not glued as with traditional constructions. Instead, Jobe Watersports have welded the seams, so they are super strong and lightweight.These are just some of the things to consider before making your purchase. Do you want to invest in a stiff high-performance board? If you are seriously interested in getting the max enjoyment and benefits from paddle boarding then buy a reputable brand. The quality of inflatable paddle boards can vary greatly depending on the brand and the materials used. It's important to research different options and choose a reputable brand that uses high-quality materials and construction.


      If you need help or advice on choosing an inflatable paddle board, or accessories, drop us a message in the live chat, give us a call, or pop into our store and one of our team will be more than happy to give you all the help you make sure you pick the best sup for you.


      Whether inflatable stand up paddle boards are worth it or not depends on your specific needs and preferences. Here are some factors to consider when evaluating the worth of inflatable paddle boards:

      1. Portability: Inflatable paddle boards are highly portable compared to traditional hard boards. They can be deflated, rolled up, and stored in a compact bag, making them easier to transport and store. This portability is advantageous if you plan to travel frequently or have limited storage space.
      2. Convenience: Inflatable paddle boards are relatively easy to inflate and deflate. Most come with a pump that allows you to quickly inflate the board within a few minutes. This convenience can be appealing if you don't want to deal with the hassle of transporting and handling a rigid board.
      3. Durability: Modern inflatable paddle boards are constructed using robust materials that make them durable and resistant to punctures. However, they are still more susceptible to damage compared to rigid boards. While they can handle normal paddling conditions, they may not be as suitable for more extreme activities like surfing or whitewater paddling.
      4. Performance: In general, rigid boards tend to offer better performance in terms of speed, manoeuvrability, and stability. However, inflatable paddle boards have improved significantly in recent years, and many models now offer comparable performance to their rigid counterparts. They are well-suited for recreational paddling, yoga, and exploring calm waters.
      5. Cost: Inflatable paddle boards are often more affordable than rigid boards. They are a great option if you're on a budget or new to the sport and want to try it out without making a significant financial commitment.

      Ultimately, whether inflatable paddle boards are worth it depends on your specific needs and priorities. If you value portability, convenience, and affordability, and you don't require top-tier performance, then an inflatable paddle board can be a great choice. However, if high-performance paddling is your priority or you plan to engage in more demanding activities, a rigid board may be a better fit.

      When choosing an inflatable paddle board for beginners, there are several key factors to consider:

      1. Stability: Stability is crucial for beginners, as it helps you feel confident and maintain balance on the board. Look for inflatable paddle boards with a wide and long design, as they tend to offer better stability. Boards with a larger volume and thicker width are generally more stable.
      2. Size and Weight Capacity: Consider your body weight and the weight capacity of the paddle board. Ensure that the board can support your weight comfortably without compromising stability or performance. Most manufacturers provide weight capacity guidelines for their boards, so be sure to check those specifications.
      3. All-Around Versatility: For beginners, it's recommended to choose an all-around paddle board that performs well in various conditions. These boards are typically wider and more stable, making them suitable for calm water, small waves, and recreational paddling. They are versatile and can be used for different activities such as yoga, touring, and exploring.
      4. Construction and Durability: Look for inflatable paddle boards made from durable materials, such as high-quality PVC or drop-stitch construction. These materials enhance the board's durability, resistance to punctures, and overall longevity. Reinforced stitching and multiple layers of material can further improve durability.
      5. Package Inclusions: Consider what comes with the paddle board package. Many manufacturers offer complete packages that include a pump, paddle, leash, repair kit, and carrying bag. Purchasing a package can be convenient and cost-effective, as you'll have all the necessary accessories to get started.
      6. User Reviews and Recommendations: Read user reviews and seek recommendations from experienced paddlers or reputable sources. Hearing about others' experiences with specific paddle boards can provide valuable insights into their performance, durability, and overall suitability for beginners.
      7. Budget: Determine your budget and find a paddle board that fits within that range. Inflatable paddle boards generally tend to be more affordable than rigid boards, but prices can still vary depending on the brand, features, and quality.

      It's also a good idea to try renting or borrowing different paddle boards before making a purchase. This way, you can get a better understanding of what features and characteristics you prefer in a board and make a more informed decision.

      Remember, as a beginner, prioritize stability, versatility, and durability when choosing an inflatable paddle board. These factors will help ensure a positive and enjoyable experience as you start your paddleboarding journey.

      The length of the board is incredibly important.

      Here is a brief explanation, more infor can be found in our bolg post:

      Shorter boards - Less than 10'6

      These will turn very fast, be more unstable, but suited to lighter, or smaller riders. They are also ideal for catching waves, due to their excellent maneuverability.

      Mid Length Boards - 10'6

      These are commonly referred to as the 'All round' boards. Their length is bang in the middle of the size ranges. Turns reasonably fast but has a lot more stability than the shorter boards. They are good for all conditions and level of rider, making them a good choice for beginners all the way through to advanced riders.

      Longer boards: 11'6+

      These longer boards are great for going straight. Due to their size, they do take a little longer to turn, but nothing major. They will have a quicker speed and are great for long river cruises or exploring the coastline.

      If you need further help, please check out our article GUIDE: CHOOSING THE PADDLE BOARD FOR YOU where we talk in depth about all things paddle boards - from the construction technology to to the shape sizes and different lengths available.

      We get asked this question a lot.

      Depending upon your fitness, you should have it inflated within 10 minutes. The quality of the pump and the PSI (pressure) you wish to achieve will also play a factor in the speed at which your board is inflated.

      For those that do no fancy the idea of breaking a sweat before they even get in the water, there are electric paddle board pumps available to purchase.

      We have a blog post dedicated to How To Inflate Your Paddle Board, And Another For How To Deflate Your Paddle Board.

      The majority of paddle board brand packages contain everything you require to get out on the water

      - the paddle board, pump, leash, bag, paddle, and a repair kit.

      Some brands don't include things like a leash or a paddle. The reason behind this is it gives the user the choice of equipment as opposed to having to take, for example, an aluminium paddle when they really want a high performance carbon paddle instead.

      The contents of each package will be listed in the product description.

      Good warranty is important.

      This is a great question, and another good reason to invest in a known, respected brand of Paddleboard.

      Obviously each brand has different warranty lengths, but currently at the top of their game is Jobe watersports. They have just introduced a 5 year warranty on their range of Paddleboards - this replaces the 3 year warranty that they had been offering for the last few years. In our opinion, this warranty length speaks volumes as to their confidence in the quality of their products.

      O'shea, offer 12 months, which can be extended by a further 2 years once you register the board on their website.

      Unfortunately, with the sudden surge in popularity, a lot of cheap paddle boards have emerged - but beware, as the saying goes, buy cheap, buy twice.

      Most of the 'cheap' or 'budget' boards as they are more commonly known, do not have the strength, build quality or usability as a mid to premium board.

      There is more info available on our blog post here

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