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Experience the ultimate ride with our premium selection of longboard wheels. Designed to elevate your longboarding experience, our high-quality wheels are optimized for speed, control, and durability. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, our longboard wheels are engineered to deliver superior performance and precision. Choose from a variety of sizes, shapes, and durometers to find the perfect match for your riding style and preferences. We offer a wide range of renowned brands, ensuring you have access to top-tier brands such as Hawgs, Orangatang, Abec 11, and more. Don't let your wheels hold you back - upgrade to our exceptional longboard wheels and unleash the full potential of your ride. Explore our collection today and discover the difference that high-quality wheels can make in your longboarding adventures.

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      We know how important it is to get the right wheels for you. We have a vast selection of longboard wheels available from major brands such as Orangatang. Orangatang are arguably the best longboard wheel you gonna find - period. Super cool, super colourful, and super quality from a brand that is always innovating. Orangatang wheels have a set of rollers for every discipline, to match your shred style, be it, Dancing, FreestyleFree ride, Carving, Surf Skate, downhill, and even E-Skateboarding.Choose from super grippy 77a wheels or slide 86a's to make your preferred ride. There is also plenty of sizes to pick from itty bitty 58mm through to the kings, 85mm. Square edgeRound edgeoff setcenter setstone groundsurface skin... when it comes to longboarding, we have everything covered. Keeping you on top form when out on your board.

      There's a lot to understand, but thats where we step in. We are here to help. If you need advice on terminology, which wheel suits which board or style of riding, give us a call, pop in the shop or hook us up on live chat.

      What Longboard Wheel Hardness Do I Need?

      Wheel hardness is measured in durometers (A scale), significantly affects the ride quality and grip. Softer wheels (75A-87A) provide more grip and a smoother ride on rough surfaces, making them ideal for cruising and downhill riding. Harder wheels (88A-101A) are faster and slide more easily, which is beneficial for freestyle and sliding. The right hardness depends on your riding style and the terrain you typically ride on.

      Check out our longboard wheels guide for more informations

      What Size Longboard Wheels Do I Need?

      When selecting longboard wheels, understanding the sizing is crucial for optimizing performance and ride quality. Longboard wheels typically range from 60mm to 100mm in diameter, each size catering to different riding styles and terrains.

      Smaller wheels, ranging from 60mm to 70mm, offer quicker acceleration and are ideal for technical riding, tricks, and smoother surfaces.

      Medium-sized wheels, from 70mm to 85mm, provide a balanced mix of speed and maneuverability, making them perfect for cruising, carving, and general-purpose riding.

      Larger wheels, between 85mm and 100mm, excel in rolling over rough surfaces, providing higher top speeds and a smoother ride, which is essential for downhill racing and long-distance commuting. The wheel size directly affects ride stability, speed, and the ability to handle various terrains, making it a critical consideration for any longboard setup.

      What Is The Contact Patch On Longboard Wheels?

      The contact patch is the area of the wheel that touches the ground. A larger contact patch provides more grip and stability, ideal for downhill and carving. A smaller contact patch reduces friction, making it easier to slide and perform technical maneuvers. The contact patch's width affects how the wheel wears over time and its overall performance on different surfaces.

      Which Longboard Wheels For Carving

      When looking for longboard carving wheels, you want to look for a set that will provide you with the grip in those tight turns. We would recommend wheels that are on the larger side (65mm+) as well as them being soft. Having softer wheels mean they're a bit more plush so with grip onto the surface in those tight turns. 

      The Orangatang In Heat 75mm wheels are a popular model within the carving community. A well balanced and well proportioned wheel, it is perfect for those hard carves. The thick lip provides the wheels with progressive energy in and out of turns.

      Which Longboard Wheels For Cruising

      When it comes to finding the best longboard wheels for cruising, you will want a wheel that is larger and softer, these allows you to ride smoothly over cracks and bumps in the surface.

      Some great wheels for cruising are:

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