Our Story

Wake2o By adventurers, for adventurers...

Wake2o was established in 2012 by Ian Langley.

Ian spent most of his life admiring water sports after watching surfers at a young age on family holidays. It took Ian 20 years to purchase his first board before becoming an avid surf, paddle and wakeboard enthusiast.

When he purchased his first boat he was looking on the internet trying to hunt for a wakeboard tower. Here is where he stumbled across Indy, an Australian brand. After receiving the tower and loving the quality he started to discuss with the company about becoming the European distributor and this is where Wake2o was born.

From a home garage full of products, to 2 storage container to finally opening our first shop in 2019 in Shrewsbury, Wake2o is continuing to grow.

Since we began we have ventured into other products, now selling a range of paddle boards, skateboards, wetsuits, scooters, surfboards and so much more. 

Wake2o is a family run business wanting to help people and their family step into the world of skate and water.

Our Values:

  1. Quality - We strive to sell you top quality products that we love and are confident in

  2. Customer service - Always willing to help you with any of your questions. We pride ourselves with good customer services.

  3. Family - As a family run business we want to help get other families into a new action sports.