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So you want to lean how to skate? Here are some basic skateboarding tips and tricks to get you up and going.

When you first skating, straight away you want to learn all the tricks and moves. However, the first thing, and the most important part, is being comfortable on your skateboard. For example, you are comfortable riding around turning around corners and get comfortable stopping. The most valuable skateboarding tips you will ever be given is you need to learn how to stop. Once you have become comfortable riding around and stopping there are a few beginner tricks you can begin to learn such as an ollieshove and a fs (frontside) 180.


When you are learning the ollie on a skateboard there are a few steps you need to follow:

Step 1 – Keep your hips and shoulders inline with the skateboard and having your front foot just below the front bolts.

Step 2 – With your back foot try and use your toes to pushdown the tail because you get more power to pop the board when you are using toes to pop and not your heel.

Step 3 – You will need bend your knees and jump, but as you jump you want to push your back foot down so the tail hits the floor and gives you that pop.

Step 4 – Then you need to slide your front up the board then that will make the board level out whilst in the air.

Step 5 – When coming to land, make sure your hips and shoulders are still inline with the board and bend your knees again for the landing.


Here are some great skateboarding tips for learning the Shove. For the the shove, you are making the board rotate 180 degrees.

Step 1 – To do the shove you will put your front foot below the bolts and your back foot on the side of the tail.

Step 2 – You will then scoop the tail towards you with your back foot and your front foot will just guides the board around, doing a shove looks like you are doing a scissor kick, the board will end up slightly in front of you.

Step 3 – When you do a shove make sure to jump forwards to land both feet on the bolts, don’t forget to bend those knees when you land.


Step 1 – You will put your front foot on the bolts or just below anywhere you feel comfortable and your back foot in the middle of the tail and

Step 2 – Bend down and as you are coming up to pop your board and spin your shoulders frontside. (Note – If you ride regular your front foot is your left and goofy your right foot is goofy. So, front side regular is spinning to your left and frontside goofy is spinning right). So once you have popped the board open your shoulders and spin frontside, just completely forget about your legs then will follow you around. If you try and spin with your hips then the board won’t stay to your feet or under you just open your shoulders and spin.

Step 3 – When you come to land you will be riding fakie (backwards) or switch your opposite stance and when you land make sure you bend your knees. 

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