Board Talk: Loaded Fathom Longboard

Board Talk: Loaded Fathom Longboard Deck and Complete - Skate Shop - Wake2o

Board Talk: Loaded Fathom Longboard

Loaded have done it again. Bringing us a longboard that blurs the boundaries of what a skateboard can be. In this blog we will talk about everything to do with this new masterpiece.

 The Fathom is great to get around on, thanks to its massive wheels you can skate as far as you want without tiring yourself out!

Are you one of those people that is looking for a nice, wide, comfortable platform that is easy to push and foot break; that will keep you coasting forever and ever. Over cracks and bumps and twigs or whatever other obstacles you will find on a regular city skate. Look no further than the Loaded Fathom.

Featuring 8 ply maple construction, with slight camber for road smoothing suspension. The wide deck further announces confidence and the upturn deck corners reduce the chance of footbite and they eliminate wheel bite. It is large enough for comfort but it is also compact enough to carry on public transport or stow under your desk.

The Fathom is built for speed and momentum with its massive 105mm wheels (Dad Bods) and agile trucks, you might almost keep up with your bike friends. Once you get up to speed with this board, you will be outpacing any other skateboard you see on the streets. The last time you pushed would have been 4 streets ago! 

Board Talk: Loaded Fathom Longboard Complete - Distance And Commuting Longboard - Wake2o Blogs

The All New Zee Bracket

This is a proprietary composite bracket designed exclusively for loaded boards by their friends at G-Bomb Skateboards. With this miraculous new device, you can build all sorts of new loopy skate vehicles; with double drop mounting for your everyday needs.

The Fathom is stable and easy to control, even at high commuting speeds thanks to it's lower ride height. Double drop brackets and relatively narrow trucks makes this board surprisingly responsive and agile. A board with wheels this side has no business turning this well!

Shoutout to Nana Studios for the awesome collage based on Polynesian ships and artifacts.

The Setups:

• Bracket: Loaded Zee Bracket (NEW)
• Trucks: Paris V2 150mm 50° (raw)
• Wheels: Orangatang 105mm Dad Bod (80a, orange) or 85mm Caguama (77a, blue)
• Bearings: Loaded Jehu V2
• Hardware: Loaded (two sets: 1.25″ at deck, 1″ at trucks)

Dad Bod Setup:

A personal favourite because it carries so much speed once you push it and it can go over pretty much anything on the street 

Caguama Setup:

This setup is more nimble, approachable alternative that provides quick acceleration at an even lower stance.

Loaded Fathom Longboard Completes - Dad Bod And Caguama Setups - Skate Shop - Wake2o

And there you have it, the Loaded Fathom. Available on our online store or instore.

Be sure to check out the Loaded Fathom boards!

The perfect vessel for the last mile. Or any mile.