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Loaded Symtail

Welcome back everyone to Wake2o blogs, today we are going to be introducing to you the latest in the lineup of flexi Loaded Boards - The Loaded Symtail.

Staying true to Loaded's dedication to creating the best carving and pumping platforms in the world.

This longboard has a flex camber profile, just like its predecessors, the Fat Tail and the Pin Tail. The Symtail is right for you if you want to mix in a bit of freestyle and dancing into your normal pumping and carving routine. it's a great choice for pumping through parking garages, city streets, back roads and anything in between.

The Symtail carries on the Loaded Boards family heritage that began with the pintail in 2004, that later became the fat tail in 2011 and now, in 2024, it has reached its final form as the Symtail.

Longboard dancing and freestyle are derived from carving and pumping. So the Symtail aims to facilitate any style that is rooted in those motions.

The fully symmetrical Symtail was designed in collaboration with Loaded's Ambassador Ari Chamasmany, who championed the FatTail with his unique style of carving and dancing and freeriding.

The Symtails outline shape features a subtle taper that is designed for finely tuned and even flex. The generous wheel cut outs allow riders to set up with loose trucks and a wide range of wheels. The mellow concave, generous wheel clearance and top mounted campa design makes the board turn effortlessly on a dime. One thing you can't see on the outline is that the upturn kicktails feature extra fibreglass inside; making them stiffer and more responsive for freestyle tricks.

The Symtail is built with Loaded's classic signature snowboard style composite construction. It has a vertically laminated bamboo core sandwiched between two triaxial fibreglass. Not to mention, they have also added a layer of cork on top for vibrating dampening properties.

Evolution Of The Graphic

The Symtail graphic represents the latest iteration of an ongoing functional and artistic exploration initiated by the Pintail.

The original Pintail graphic was designed by Jamie Engelman in 2004 as a meditation on change and growth. It was re-imagined more abstractly by Jan Michael Bennett in 2007 when we switched the Pintail from oak to bamboo.

The Fattail graphic (2011), designed by Nana Studio based on drawings by Daisuke Okamoto, built upon these themes, referencing the past while venturing forward.

Loaded Symtail Longboard Graphics Evolution - Wake2o

Now, with the Symtail, Nana Studio curates original artwork by Okamoto, taking the narrative another step forward. The seed has blossomed into a magnificent tree, embodying the ultimate aspirations of life:

  • Deep Roots: A firm foundation, grounded in experience and wisdom.
  • Solid Core: Strength, unyielding in the face of adversity.
  • Broad Branches: Reaching out, exploring the vastness of the universe, engaging with life in all its richness.

The Symtail stands as a testament to the continuous journey of growth and transformation, an inspiration to strive for our own individual fulfillment and embrace the interconnectedness of life.

The Setup

The standard Loaded setup for the Symtail is the Paris Trucks Co 50º 165mm trucks and the Orangatang 4President 70mm wheels. Loaded selected this setup to extract the full potential of the Symtail and provide you with all the agility that you need.

There you have it - the new Loaded Symtail!

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