Enuff Skateboard Academy Ep.1 - Stance And Pushing

Enuff Skateboard Academy: Stance and Pushing - Wake2o Blogs

Skateboard Tutorials Ep.1 Stance And Pushing

In this Enuff academy we are going to start at the very beginning and teach you the basics of riding - how to stand and how to push on a skateboard.

How To Work Out Your Skating Stance

So you have your skateboard but have no idea what regular or goofy mean? 

Simply put, your comfortable stance on the board determines if you are goofy or regular - ie. which foot you prefer at the front of the skateboard.

  • Regular = Left foot forward
  • Goofy = Right foot forward

How Do I Know If I Skate Regular Or Goofy

​There is a simple test you can carry out to work out if you are regular or goofy - this applies to all board sports too, from Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Surfing and even wakeboarding.

Get a friend to gently give you a push from behind. Hard enough to make you feel the need to stabilise yourself...but not hard enough that you are going to face plant! That would be hilarious for your friends, but not so much for you, so make sure you trust them.

Once you are pushed forwards, one foot will always come out first to stabilise and prevent you falling. This will be the foot at the front of the board. From that you now know if you are regular or goofy.

You probably want to know where the term Goofy Skateboard Stance came from? Weirdly, the name of this stance is derived from an old Goofy cartoon, where he was seen riding with his left foot in the back of the board, and his right foot in the front. Surfers adopted it from this cartoon, and the name has stuck ever since.

How To Push On A Skateboard

Ok, so you now know which is your riding stance, Regular or Goofy. The front foot will be concidered your strong foot. 

This foot should be placed on top of the front skateboard truck bolts.

Use your rear foot to push the board, keeping your weight on the front foot.

Once the board is moving, place the rear foot on the tail of the board, and you are away, ready for practicing new tricks.

However...there's always a curveball.

'Some' people prefer to ride with the rear foot on the board, while the front foot does the pushing. This is called pushing Mongo.

Is it ok to push Mongo?

While it is acceptable, pushing Mongo can potentially cause more accidents. The reason behind this is how your weight is sitting on the board. Regular pushing will see your weight distributed through the front of the skateboard, giving more ballance, control and easier to steer. Pushing mongo, your weight will be on the rear of the Skateboard, making the board less stable, unpredictable, and has the potential to scoot off ahead of you.

That being said, some pro's do ride mongo, as their skills are at a level where they can easily transition between the 2 riding styles easily. It comes down to personal preference, however, we would recommend learning regular pushing styles, before transitioning to learn mongo.

What Is The Enuff Academy?

To put it simply, the Enuff academy is a free hub of Skateboard video tutorials designed to help inspire and educate the next generation of skaters. Enuff Skateboards have teamed up with Team Rubicon, the UK's largest and leading nationwide provider of skateboard workshops, to create a series of video episodes. Each episode covers a trick or technique to help skaters progress from beginner all the way through to advanced. It's Enuff's way of giving back to the skateboarding community and they are as passionate as we are, about encouraging new skaters to join the sport.