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Wake Surfing

Wakesurfing is an exhilarating water sport that blends elements of surfing and wakeboarding, offering riders the thrill of riding the wake of a boat without being directly attached to it.

In wakesurfing, riders utilize specially designed boards to catch and ride the boat's wake, allowing for endless maneuvers and tricks.

As a popular recreational activity, wakesurfing offers both beginners and experienced riders a unique way to enjoy the water and experience the excitement of gliding across the waves.

Learn more about the basics, techniques, gear essentials, and safety tips for wakesurfing to make the most of your next adventure on the water.


The Jobe Raddix Inflatable Wakesurfer is their latest innovation! Instead of making a hardshell wakesurfer, Jobe chose to make one which is inflatable. This makes it a user-friendly waksurfer which can be used in multiple ways and which has a lot of buoyancy, perfect for a fun day out with the family.

So if you want to stand up and surf or have the kids sit on there like a kneeboard, this board is perfect for you and it doesn't even take up much room once deflated! Best thing of all: you can have this board, ready to go within a minute!

Craft The Perfect Wave
Beast mode

Unlock the secret to crafting the ideal wave with the Jobe Push Wakeshaper.

Engineered to perfection, this innovative accessory mounts effortlessly on the side of your boat, transforming ordinary wakes into impressive waves tailored for wakesurfing adventures. Equipped with robust suction cups for secure attachment and a vibrant orange foam pad for visibility and buoyancy, this wakeshaper is a game-changer for boat owners seeking optimal surfing conditions.

Pair it with one of our premium Jobe wakesurfers for an unmatched experience on the water.

Don't settle for ordinary waves when you can elevate your surfing with the Jobe Push Wakeshaper.