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Jobe Wakeboards


First thing you need to figure out is where are you going to be using your Jobe wakeboard. Are you going to ride it at a cable park or behind a boat? Or maybe a mixture of the two. Where and how you are going to use it is important as you need to make sure the board is made of the correct materials.

  • Boat Wakeboard - Wakeboarding behind a boat is the original way to wakeboard. It can be intense as the towing point on the boat is lower. For a wakeboard that is suitable for behind a boat, you want it to have fins, as well as a foam core and 3 stage rocker, why? Easy, for the aggressive pop from the wake and for soft and smooth landings.
  • Cable Wakeboard - Cable park is the most accessible way to wakeboard, for those that don't have a boat, a day at the cable park is a day well spent! There are different kinds of cable boards, some have a hybrid core, mixing a PU foam with wood. Also a full wood core, which has a flex pattern for hitting obstacles.

If you take three boards of the same material and gave them three different rocker shapes, then you will have three different boards, with different capabilities.

  • A Three-stage rocker gives a more aggressive feel and more pop (easier to jump and boosts jumps).
  • A Continues rocker is a classic shape which is more forgiving and is loved for the speed it offers.
  • A Hybrid rocker which has the best of both world: a lot of pop, while maintaining that forgiving feel.


Channels = grip. The more channels the board has, the more grip it will have on the water. Not only do channels result in grip, they also make for more stable landings, however the can be more difficult to ride. If you will be riding rails, flat boards will be best as they will allow smooth sliding.

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First thing to understand are the different kinds of cores in a wakeboard. There are three different kinds:

  • The full wooden core - A strong and solid wood construction absorbs hard blows on the water and has a controlled flex. These types of boards as super thin and because the wooden core runs all the way through the board, they have ultimate flexibility. The wooden core also makes these boards super durable and strong. Due to the flex in a wooden core, it makes them perfect for a session at th cable park. 
  • The wood, foam core - The wood, foam core (a.k.a the blended core) is super flexible and strong due to the combination of wood and PU foam. This makes it easier to add deeper channels, which makes your tricks more explosive! A blended core is perfect for both water and park boarding! Get the best of both worlds
  • Foam core - Finally, the traditional foam core. This soft foam core makes for a fast learning curve. It has less flex but more stability as well as being as light as a feather. This will make sure the board absorbs your pop. A board with a stiff core is perfect for boarding behind a boat.


Now let’s talk all things flex. Jobe design their wakeboards for riding behind a boat or an all rounder. A typical Jobe wakeboard for behind the boat is stiff from its nose to its tail, why is that? Well, a stiffer board allows for more of a energetic pop off the wake because you require more force when getting the perfect pop. A stiff wakeboard also means it holds its rocker better as it doesn’t smack against the water and go flat as you land. Jobe provide 2 different flexes which are; tip to tail flex and overall flex, both shown in the picture below.

ABS protecting sidewalls – These are extra sturdy strips on the side of your board to help prevent it getting damaged when shredding rails.

High Impact (HIT) – A High Impact base means that your Jobe wakeboard is very strong and can take a beating on obstacles whilst also being fast.

High pressure fibreglass moulding – High press Molding is a method of molding in which the moulding material, generally preheated, is first placed in an open, heated mould cavity. The mold is closed with a top force, pressure is applied to force the material into contact with all mold areas, while heat and pressure are maintained until the molding material has cured. A high press fiberglass molded board has an overall high-class premium look. This innovative press technology also helps to maintain speed and stability and offer maximum controlled flex to lock into pressures.


There are three different forms of rockers on a Jobe wakeboard each with their own pros:

  • Continues rocker – The continues gives more of a smooth ride, making turns easier due to the board having less surface area. The line of the rocker gives for a more predictable pop, whilst also generating the speed, so you will go fast!
  • Hybrid rocker – the second type of rocker is the hybrid rocker. It is the perfect blend between the continues rocker and the three stage rocker, bringing the rider the best of both worlds; fast popping and speed.
  • 3-stage rocker – The three stage rocker is for those with an aggressive riding style. The flat centre curve offers you speed and rail control. A three stage rocker can also provide extra height when popping your board. As well as this, it can also make it easier to press obstacles and stay locked in the press.
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BackBone Tech – This feature involves carbon rods that have been placed in a “V-Shape”. The rods start underneath the binding and expand out toward the tip and the tail of the board. These carbon rods result in a more direct response underneath the bindings, making it more aggressive when it comes to edging the board. Backbone Technology also features a carbon rod in the center of the board. The reason we added even more carbon is because it adds more stiffness in the belly of the board as well. This prevents chatter in the board on high speeds and gives the board more pop. An added bonus with Carbon is that it gives us the chance to save weight on a board, so the end result is; a lighter board with a faster response, perfect for the advanced rider!

Honeycomb Plates – This is an exciting feature from Jobe. The carbon in this piece of tech is woven in a unique honeycomb pattern. This doesn’t just give a cool look but gives an enhanced underfoot response! This makes for fast edging on the board and easy turning, all while saving weight on the board as well!