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Hawgs Wheels

Are you looking to upgrade your skateboard or longboard setup for a smoother, faster, and more enjoyable ride? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide to Hawgs Wheels, we'll dive deep into why these high-quality wheels are a favorite among skaters worldwide. Whether you're into downhill racing, freestyle cruising, or carving the streets, Hawgs Wheels offer unmatched performance and durability. Join us as we explore the various styles of Hawgs Wheels to help you find the perfect match for your skating needs.

Hawgs Wheels Model Breakdown

70mm Supremes

The ultimate all-rounders, we designed the 70mm Supremes to do anything you could want to do on your longboard and do it well. We use a medium sized plastic core to work with the shape of the wheel and a 78a urethane formula for good acceleration and roll speed while providing predictable slides and ample grip. Upgrade your ride today with a set of Supremes.

Riding Style: Cruising, Carving, Commuting, Sliding

Plow King

Sometimes you just need to be able to plow through whatever life throws at you, and the 72mm Plow Kings are the perfect wheel to help you do that. Big, wide and poured in a super gushy 78a urethane formula, these wheels are the perfect upgrade for your longboard set up and will roll over cracks and road debris with ease.

Riding Style: Carving, Commuting, LDP

60mm Chubby

Chubby Hawgs are the wheel of choice on many of our cruiser and ATV completes and are now available separately in all the colours of the rainbow! You can upgrade your cruiser set up today. They use the same high-quality urethane found in the Fatty Hawgs for premium performance, just in a smaller package.

Riding Style: Carving, Street, Commuting

63mm EZ

Sometimes it's all in the name, Hawgs designed these wheels to make your time on your skateboard as easy and stress free as possible. Super smooth rolling and super smooth slides with minimal effort are in your future on a set of Easy Hawgs, they really do feel like riding and sliding on clouds thanks to Hawgs' 78a Ez formula.

Riding Style: Cruising, Freeride

63mm Fattys

Fatty Hawgs are perfect for upgrading your cruiser board. Crafted from the highest quality urethane, Fatty Hawgs are designed to provide the best cruising experience on the market. These 63mm wheels feature a 78a durometer, offering excellent grip, smooth rolling, and durability.

Riding Style: Cruising, Carving, Commuting

60mm Lil' Ez

The little brother to the 63mm EZ Hawgs, 60mm Lil EZs give you the same smooth rolling, buttery sliding performance of the larger wheels but without any worries of wheelbite on smaller boards. Lil EZs are quickly becoming a staple of the dance world. Grab a set of these to really level up your cruiser board setup today. Featuring the superb 78a EZ formula.

Riding Style: Cruising, Street, Sliding

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