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Wetsuit Care

The way you take care of your wetsuit will determine how many sessions you can get out of it. All the wetsuits we stocked here at Wake2o are made with longevity in mind but the way you wash, store and put your wetsuit on can affect its life span.

Changing into your wetsuit

Firstly, don't rush putting your wetsuit on, even if the waves are insane, they can wait a couple minutes.

  • Make sure your wetsuit is pulled up correctly before putting your arms in
  • The neoprene of your suit may be stretchy but the seams are and if you're tugging to much they can tear and split which would ruin the your session
  • Watch your fingernails! Especially on the rubber/mesh skin.
  • Struggling to get your wetsuit over your feet? Try putting bags on your feet.

Taking Your Wetsuit Off:

No matter how cold you are, don't rush to take your wetsuit off.

When it comes to getting out of your wetsuit, don't stomp out of it on the ground. Try using a changing mat or bucket, this way you won't risk the ground ripping your wetsuit!

Avoid contact with velcro too as it can tear the neoprene fibres, especially inside your suit. This can lead to the neoprene because fragile over time and potentially creating holes. Keep an eye on your leashes, boots and any other accessories with velcro.

Once you have taken your wetsuit off, pop it in a wetsuit bucket or a bag to protect it from any dirt in your car and also to keep your seat dry.

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How Do I Care For My Wetsuit?
  • After every session, make sure to rinse your wetsuit with cold/luke warm water (never hot). This helps get rid of any odors and salt that is on the wetsuit and zip. be sure to turn it inside out too and rinse the inside, we all know the how we keep warm in the sea...wash it out.
  • If you are wanting to give your wetsuit a thorough clean, use a shampoo specifically made for wetsuits, no fairy liquid or other cleaning chemicals.
  • Once you have rinsed your wetsuit, allow it to drip dry by using a thick wetsuit hanger and folding at the waist, or pop it over a fence. If you're going to leave it to dry outside, be sure to keep it out of sunlight as UV can cause the neoprene to bleach, dry out, lose stretch and also go brittle.
  • Another big no to cleaning your wetsuit if using a washing machine or tumble dryer as the heat and spin will ruin your wetsuit.

How To Store Your Wetsuit:

If you are putting your wetsuit away for the season then ensure that is has been cleaned and has dried completely.

Hang the wetsuit folded in half at the waist on a wetsuit hanger or a thicker trouser hanger, don't use thin wire hangers. By using thin hangers, you risk it losing shape in the shoulders and also damaging your wetsuit.

If you don't have an area where you can hang your wetsuit, then you can roll it up and pop it in a well ventilated room. Having a wetsuit folded for long periods of time can cause weak points.

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