How To: Deflate Your Paddle Board

How To: Deflate Your SUP Board | Wake2o

How To: Deflate Your Stand Up Paddle Board

One of the biggest pros of an inflatable paddle board is the fact that you can inflate and deflate it, making it easier to transport and store. So, after a lovely paddle, the next thing to do is to deflate your board and pack it away, let’s tell you how.

Step One:

Carry your board out of the water and bring ashore and if you have access to fresh water, rinse off your board or dry with a towel.

Step Two:

If your board has a detachable fin then now is the time to detach it.

Step Three:

Unscrew the valve cap and push the pin down and twist to lock in place.

Step Four:

Once majority of the air is out of the board, begin to roll the board from the opposite end to the valve. This way, when you’re rolling up your board, it will squeeze out the air.

Step Five:

Remember once you have rolled the board up ready to pack away to put the pin back up just so you don’t forget when you next inflate your board (saves the tears when you forget). Now your board is ready to pack away.