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Evolve GTR All Terrain To Street

In this blog we will talk you through how to change you Evolve GTR All-Terrain board to a street, using the Evolve Street Conversion Kit.


Step 1: Open street conversion kit out and lay out all the parts.

Step 2: Set up the bearings into wheels and drive gears. The 2 centre bearings are for drive gears and the other 8 are for your wheels (2 for each wheel). Push the bearings into the drive gears and wheels so they snap into place.

Step 3: Set your board on its side and start undoing the all terrain wheels. To do this use a skate tool, put it onto the wheel nut and turn anti-clockwise. Remove the wheel nut and then wheel.

For the rear wheel, do the same. To take wheel off put your thumbs into the gaps in the wheel and push against the drive gear, whilst pulling the wheel with your fingers.

Step 4: Now to remove the belt cover. Get your allen key from your skate tool and push into the bolts and begin turning anti clockwise. Then remove the bolts.

Step 5: Remove drive gear and belt. To remove, rotate the drive gear as you pull up.

Step 6: Loosen the 4 motor bolts so you can move the motor freely to adjust belt tension later. This is the most crucial step in conversion so make sure tensions are set right when you finish.

Step 7: Grab the drive gear and belt and put it on back on.

First thing to do is make sure the bearing is in place, so just slide the drive gear down onto the truck and push down and give it a wriggle and that should push the bearing into place. Make sure it spins freely and you’ll know everything is in the right spot.

Then put the belt on and then slide it down over the gear. To do so, push motor cog towards the gear so the belt will slide down.

Step 8: Once the drive gear and belt are in place, you will put the wheels on. The reason for this is to make sure the drive gear is upright for when you do the belt tension.

For belt tension put thumb on the lower side of the motor and finger on top of motor plate to pull. You shouldn’t need much force as you want a little bit of play in the belt, 5-10mm.

Step 9: When you’re done with belt tension, start to do up the two side bolts, clockwise. Double check belt tension before removing wheel to do up the other two bolts. If belt tension is too loose your belt will slip onto drive gear during braking. If too tight then you might find there will be a lot of extra force put into bearings and the components that will also wear them down over time.

Step 10: Make sure all bolts are tight and then you can put your belt cover back on. Grab required bolts from the kit and your allen key. Push them down into the slot and then tighten them in a clockwise direction.

Step 11: In the bolt kit you should have some speed rings. These may be required to go in between the drive gear and the wheel itself, to make sure that you don’t over tension the bearings.

Put one of the speed ring on, then put the wheel on and now the wheel nut. Do it up and make sure the wheel spins freely. Speed rings may not be a necessity but we prefer to have them as an added safety precaution. If there is any resistance when the wheel spins, take the wheel off and add another speed ring and re do the process.

Step 12: Now to add the front wheel back on. This wheel goes straight onto to the truck. The wheel nut goes on and then you do it up and make sure that the wheel spins freely.

Step 13: Repeat this process on the other side.

Step 14: Your board is now ready to ride! Just make sure to double check the belts don’t slip under heavy braking.

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