How To: Inflate Your Paddle Board

How To: Inflate Your Paddle Board - Wake2o

How To: Inflatable Your SUP

So, you’ve just bought yourself a paddle board, welcome to the club. Obviously, you want to go out on it straight away but you need to know how to inflate your board correctly. In the guide, we will take you through step by step on how to do so.

Step one:

Roll out your paddle board so its flat.

Step two:

Time to get your pump ready. You will want to attach your hose and pressure meter if detached to your pump.

Step three:

Remove the plug from the valve and connect pump to the valve. Make sure that the pin inside the valve is all the way up before attaching the hose, otherwise you’ll have put in all the effort for the air to just come out when you release the hose! Inflate = Pin up.

Step four:

Begin to inflate your board. When it reaches the higher PSI levels it will become tough but keep going! Once the pressure meter on the pump reads you required psi then you can stop. (if you’re using an electric pump it will stop automatically when the psi you set has been reached)

Step five:

Now your board is all pumped up you can detach the hose and close the plug.

Step six:

Time to discover new places on your board.