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Basic Theory

Discover our diverse range of inflatable towables, perfect for unforgettable family fun! Our towables come in various shapes and sizes, catering to solo riders or groups of up to 5 people. Crafted from durable PVC and equipped with a nylon cover for enhanced durability, these towables are built to withstand the rigors of water sports.

We offer a wide selection of towable shapes, including Donuts, Sofas, Decks, Watersleds, and Extreme models, each designed for specific water activities. Whether you're seeking laid-back cruising or thrilling rides, we have the ideal towable for your needs.

Explore our comprehensive range of towable types below, and gear up for endless aquatic excitement!


Discover the timeless allure of classic donut-shaped towable tubes! Known for their simplicity and versatility, donuts are a favorite among water enthusiasts of all ages. Their iconic circular design ensures swift glides across the water, while their user-friendly features, including easy inflation and storage, make them a top choice for thrill-seekers on a budget. Experience the joy of donut towables today!


Introducing Sofas, the ultimate in comfort and relaxation on the water! These inflatable towables are designed with a sofa/couch-like shape, complete with backrests and optional armrests for the ultimate laid-back experience. While they may not be the speediest option, Sofas offer unparalleled comfort for riders of all levels, making them ideal for those seeking stability and a leisurely ride behind the boat. Discover the perfect blend of comfort and fun with Sofas towables today!


Discover the adrenaline-pumping excitement of Decktubes! These towables feature a flat surface perfect for lying on, offering riders a thrilling and challenging experience on the water. With their low center of gravity and stable design, Decktubes provide a fast and secure ride, ideal for experienced thrill-seekers. Some models even come equipped with additional wings for increased stability and speed. Dive into the excitement of Decktubes for an unforgettable adventure on the waves!


Explore the thrill of our Extreme towables category, featuring uniquely shaped tubes designed for pure enjoyment! These unconventional towables are crafted with fun as the top priority, offering riders an exhilarating experience on the water. While they may pose a greater challenge to master, Extreme towables promise unmatched excitement and satisfaction once conquered. Embark on an unforgettable adventure with our Extreme towables today!


Experience the iconic Watersleds, recognized worldwide for their distinctive "banana" shape and thrilling rides! These multi-seated towables are a staple of holiday fun, capable of carrying up to 8 people for an exhilarating rodeo-style adventure. Join the excitement of Watersleds and make unforgettable memories with friends and family on the water!

Inflatable Towable Tech Talk - How They Are Made - Wake2o UK

Inflatable Towables


Inflatable Towables come In Many Different Forms And Shapes. Here We Help You Understand The Tech That Goes Into The Designs, That Help Maximise The Durability, And More Importantly, The Fun On The Water.

Towables Consist of 2 main parts:

  1. The Inner
  2. The Cover

The Cover

Crafted from durable Nylon ranging from 420 to 840 denier, inflatable towable covers offer both strength and style.

Each cover is meticulously printed to enhance the tube's visual appeal, featuring strategically placed handles and towable points for optimal performance and safety on the water.


Explore our towable covers crafted from durable Nylon, with thickness measured in Denier for strength assessment. A higher Denier count signifies thicker threads, translating to increased durability. Opting for thicker Nylon results in a stronger cover, albeit with added weight. Keep in mind, heavier covers necessitate more power from your boat for optimal towing performance.


Towable seams are engineered for durability and longevity.

  • Single stitched (none of Jobe’s towables are single stitched)
  • Double stitched (regular towables have a double stitch for extra durability)
  • Triple stitched (heavy duty towables that need to last have triple stitches)
  • Box stitch, a box stitch is a stitched pattern in the shape of a square with a diagonal cross to keep attachments and handles securely in place. 

The Inner

Inflatable towable inners are crafted from durable PVC and meticulously heat-welded into various shapes for optimal performance.

The inner can be inflated with 3 kinds of valves. For small chambers we use the stem valve for bigger chambers when there is not too much pressure inside we use the speed valve. For bigger chambers with higher pressure we use the Boston valve.


The inner manufactured from PVC. The thickness of the PVC is indicated as "Gauge". Inflatable Towables vary in thickness from 20 gauge up to 28 gauges. With heavier products requiring a thicker gauge.


An innovative beam design ensures structural integrity for our inflatables. These internal beams play a crucial role in connecting the upper and bottom layers of the inner, maintaining its shape and stability. For instance, deck tubes remain flat thanks to these beams, preventing them from taking on a ball shape. Additionally, the beams feature small holes for efficient air displacement between compartments, crucial for preventing overpressure and potential bursting.

In more complex towables such as sofas, multiple inners are often required, divided into main chambers, backrests, and armrests for enhanced comfort and stability.

All beams are heat welded for optimum strength.


Valves are needed to inflate and deflate your towable. Bigger chambers and high pressure towables require stronger valves.

  • Stem valve, smallest valve used for buoyance chambers. You will find this on inflatable toys
  • Speed valve, used on slightly bigger chambers. Recognizable by the red cap
  • Boston valve, used on big main chambers
  • Halkey roberts valve, high pressure valves used on SUP boards and watersleds.

Drain system

The drain system is an innovative system that can be found at the bottom of part of Jobe's towable range.

The drain system ensures better drainage of the water that gets under the tarpaulin when the towable slides over the water.

Because the water is drained faster, the towable becomes lighter overall.

This results in a ride that will feel much smoother, and the boat uses less fuel.

Repairing a damaged towable

  1. Open the valve. Completely deflate the inflatable.
  2. Remove the Inner from the deflated towable.
  3. Locate the puncture and mark with a pen.
  4. For small leaks, use the Jobe Towable Repair Kit.
  5. Peel the backing from the patch and simply stick it over the hole, ensuring it is stuck fast.
  6. For bigger leaks, use some adhesive and a patch.
  7. Add Glue to the PVC - and spread it around the puncture. Cut a circle from the patch, big enough to cover the hole and beyond, for added strength.
  8. Also apply adhesive to the patch.
  9. Allow both to go 'Tacky' then place the patch onto the hole, ensureing adequate pressure to maintain good adhesion.
  10. Leave to cure for 24 hours.
  11. Return the now fixed inner to the cover, and re-inflate.
  12. Check the repair has been successful, and your good to go!