Introducing: BeachBox

Introducing: Beachbox

BeachBox is the outdoor and water lovers ultimate wingman!

We have the Beachbox Portable Shower Tank and the BeachBox Portable Shower – Full Box Set available online now.

Packed with features, like an insulated shower tank, a non-slip change lid and a modular storage design to keep you and your gear clean & organized. Ideal for surfers, campers, Mountain Bikers and anyone else that loves the sand and mud. With Christmas coming up, these are the perfect gift for those outdoor and water enthusiasts.

BeachBox Portable Shower Tank

The BeachBox Portable Shower tank is a standalone item. With 5 different modes on the shower gun, you can have a mist or a high pressure shower. An amazing pro of the shower tank is it holds water! So if you are braving the surf in winter or out on a wet muddy day mountain biking, you can shower off with warm water. The shower tanks are very easy to use, with a simple air pressure release valve and a hand pump system, you will soon be showered off and clean. The portable shower has a run time of 3-4 minutes of hot or cold water, depending on the mode.

BeachBox Full Shower Set

The BeachBox full shower set is the ultimate shower and storage setup! The perfect wingman for you outdoor enthusiasts. So, what comes with the full shower set?

  • 1x 1.3 Gal Insulated Hand Pump Tank (Holds Hot Water)
  • 1x 7ft Durable Neoprene Coil Hose
  • 1x Multi-Spray Shower Gun
  • 1x Non-Slip Changing Lid
  • 1x Divider Slide
  • 2x Mini Storage Tubs
  • 1x Dry Box Lid
  • 1x Dry Box Raised Plate

The full shower set has everything you need and more to make every adventures and activity just that much more enjoyable! Whether you are missioning for surf, exploring the mountains on foot or bike, those of you who love camping you can use it as a camping shower, or the gear junkies, this box is the perfect sidekick.