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Are you ready to take your scooter game to the next level? Blunt Envy have unleashed the Prodigy X, a formidable addition to their renowned Prodigy series, setting a new standard for intermediate and advanced level riders. Packed with cutting-edge features and upgrades, this scooter is designed to dominate the park and the streets alike.

Blunt has preserved some iconic Prodigy features in the Prodigy X, ensuring that the scooter maintains the lightweight essence that riders love. The Aluminum Reaper V2 bars, durable TPR hand grips, and robust Diamond IHC forks remain intact, showcasing Blunt's commitment to quality and rider satisfaction.

What's New?

The centerpiece of the Prodigy X's evolution is its revolutionary Extech extrusion deck. This redesign brings a lower profile, wider internal walls, and a more responsive concave, delivering an unparalleled level of performance. The PX Headtube has also undergone a stylish transformation, featuring a diamond cutout and streamlined profile to enhance contact with the deck.

Blunt have widened the PX deck to 5”W x 19.5” L, offering riders a more spacious platform for executing tricks with precision. The deck enhancements, combined with upgraded components such as high-grit grip tape, sleek nylon plugs, and a v2 Nylon brake system, create a scooter that not only performs exceptionally but also stands out in terms of durability.

The engineering marvel doesn't stop there – the LOW stack headset compression cap has been reimagined to seamlessly integrate with the IHC compression system, ensuring a smooth and responsive ride. The 'Z' 2 bolt oversized clamp with 6mm bolts provides a refined, unified connection with the Bar, Fork, and Compression combination, guaranteeing stability during the most demanding tricks.

Rolling on SECTOR 120mm x 26mm PU wheels 86A, the Prodigy X offers increased PU width for core protection and a smoother ride. These wheels are the perfect complement to the scooter's overall design, ensuring that riders experience top-notch performance and control.

Shop Blunt Envy Prodigy X Stunt Scooter - The Best Stunt Scooter - Wake2o UK
the weight

What about the weight, you ask? The complete Prodigy X scooter now weighs in at just 3.265kg/7.2 lbs, making it one of the lightest in its class. This weight reduction has been achieved without compromising strength, reinforcing the Prodigy legacy of delivering scooters that excel in both quality and performance.

The Prodigy X is not just a scooter; it's a statement. Perfectly poised to dominate any park, this pro-level scooter is a testament to Blunt Envy's commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. With nine prior series of upgrades and over a decade of producing dialled and dependable scooters, the Prodigy X is the pinnacle of Blunt's scooter expertise.

Whether you're an intermediate rider looking to progress or an advanced enthusiast seeking the next level of performance, the Prodigy X is tailored to meet your needs. The range boasts high-quality, professional scooter components, with advanced deck technology, Grip-tape, Z Clamp, Low Stack headset, and fresh Sector wheels setting it apart from the competition.

With five sleek and subtle colorways, the Prodigy X isn't just about performance – it's a style statement. Durable high-quality finishes ensure the scooter can take a beating and keep on going, making it a popular choice among adult pro scooter riders.

Shop Blunt Envy Prodigy X Stunt Scooter - The Best Stunt Scooter - Wake2o UK

In conclusion, the Blunt Envy Prodigy X is a force to be reckoned with in the world of stunt and street scooters. Elevate your riding experience, embrace the Prodigy legacy, and take on new challenges with a scooter designed to exceed your expectations. The future of scootering has arrived – are you ready to ride the revolution? 

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