Introducing: Jobe 2023 SUP Range

Jobe 2023 Inflatable Paddle Boards - Wake2o Blogs

Introducing: Jobe 2023 SUP Range

A new year means new boards and new colours! This year Jobe have really upped their game, having released a completely new range of SUPs, as well as, sticking with some well known favourites! 

In this blog we will chat about what they've done differently this year, what new bits come in the packages and all thing you need to know about their new elite series. Jobe Inflatable Paddle Boards - Wake2o Blogs


The Jobe aero series is their budget friendly boards. But don't let that put you off because, even though they don't hit the bank too hard, they are still top performing boards, manufactured with great technology. In these boards you find everything that is on the premium series, except the stringer.

This still consists of the well know and well loved 10.0 Mira and 10.6 Leona, they've just had a slight makeover and are now available in different colours.

As we say goodbye to the Loa we say hello to the new release of 2023 - The Sena 11.0. The Sena is the ideal board for you paddle boarders who enjoy going longer distances on the water. Next to the Jobe Duna and Neva, the Sena has been optimized and provides you with the best performance, perfect for the lightweight riders.

What Comes In The Aero Sup Package:

  • Aero SUP Board

  • Stream 40 adjustable 3-piece aluminium paddle

  • Waterproof backpack 

  • Double action pump

  • Quick Release Waist Belt

  • 10ft / 3,04m coiled leash

Jobe Inflatable Paddle Boards 2023 - SUP - Wake2o Blogs


Jobe's premium SUP series is everything you love about the aero series but better. The boards have a top and bottom stringer added to help with the stiffness along with the tech that builds up the aero series. The paddle in the premium series is much better, coming with a 80% fibreglass, 20% carbon paddle giving you a lighter, strong paddle to keep you on the water for longer!

Jobe haven't introduced any new boards into this range but the premium SUPs that everyone knows and loves have had a makeover. The Duna is now available in 2 colourways and same with the Yarra. The Neva also comes in new a colourway and we are obsessed! 

What Comes In The Premium SUP Package:

  • Premium Aero SUP Board

  • Stream 40 adjustable 3-piece fibreglass paddle (80% fibreglass, 20% carbon)

  • Waterproof backpack

  • Double action pump

  • Quick Release Waist Belt

  • 10ft / 3,04m coiled leash

Jobe Elite Inflatable Paddle Board Range - Wake2o Blogs


New to 2023 is the Jobe Elite paddle board series. The elite series is the next level of innovations like a new hook system, sandwich rail tape, carbon rails and many, many more! Jobe have also added the most premium necessary accessories to give you the best experience possible.

This series includes the Yarra 10.6, Duna 11.6 and the E-Duna 11.6. These boards contain all of the tech the other series do but with just that little bit more. Not to mention that you get a 100% carbon adjustable paddle and a triple action pump! 

What's Included In The Elite Package:

  • Aero Elite SUP Board 

  • Adjustable 100% carbon 3-piece paddle

  • 1 big Waterproof backpack

  • 1 small drybag

  • Triple action pump

  • Padded Quick Release Waist Belt

  • 10ft / 3,04m coiled leash


All of the Jobe 2023 SUPs are available now and they all now come with 5 years warranty! Why not start a new adventure on the water?

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