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Moxi Roller Skates

With the 80’s fashion rolling back around, it’s roller skates time to shine again. We are introducing you to a new brand being stocked at Wake2o, Moxi. They are available now online! In this post we will talk you through the difference between all of the Moxi roller skates.

  • Who Are Moxi?
  • Moxi Rainbow Skates
  • Moxi Lolly Skates
  • Moxi Jungle Skates
  • Moxi Beach Bunny Skates


Moxi’s mission is to empower all people by serving the highest-quality skates and gear, so they can nurture the passion that roller skating brings them with people all over the world.

From accessible to premium, designed and tested by skaters, led by a diverse roster of entrepreneurs, ethically made and hand-stitched with care — Moxi aim to spread this love and see this energy grow.

They strive to make roller skates the shoes of the future!


The rainbow skates are a high quality boot, without damaging your bank. This makes them a brilliant entry level boot and also perfect for collectors as there are three different colours! The rainbow skate is available from size 1, so they are great for children too. The boot is made of vinyl uppers making them supportive on the ankles.

This model of skates is not intended to be used in a park. With 58mm soft outdoor wheels, they are brilliant for cruising and causal outdoor skating. With an adjustable toe brake ensures a smooth ride.


The lolly’s are probably Moxi’s most comfy skates. Being handmade in America and having the most flexibility at the top of the boot , this means the lolly skates have no break in period! You can put the blister plasters away. The Moxi Lolly skates have a heel; benefits of a heel is that you will put all your weight into the balls of your feet, resulting in a better balance and prevents you leaning back.

These skates are the perfect all round skates. They can be used for outdoor skating, dance skating, light skating and even ramp skating. However, they aren’t ideal for high impact skating such as, jumping stairs.

The Lolly’s have an adjustable toe stop, a nylon plate making them a light pair of skates. They have a regular wheelbase making them the perfect all round skates. The wheels are rounded, great for cruising and also cushiony and absorbent, like skating on clouds.


There isn’t any difference between the beach bunnies and the jungle. They have the same plate, bushings, wheels, stopper and rolled collar. The Beach Bunny is available in 5 bright summer colours.

Like the Jungle skates, these are perfect for recreational and outdoor skating.


Trying to find a skate that is vegan is difficult… Until now! Introducing the Moxi Jungle Skates.

The upper on these skates make them stiffer than the lolly, the PVC is more rigid and provides great ankle support. To maintain the comfort, Moxi have add a roll collar which is moisture-wicking Dri-Lex™, like the liner. This keeps your feet dry and cool.

The Jungle skates have smaller wheels, making them perfect for you to dance. These boots are great starters for recreational and outdoor skating and because of their ankle support, you can do high impact skating.

Moxi Roller Skates - The Best Quad Skates - Shrewsbury Skate Shop - Wake2o UKMoxi Roller Skates - The Best Quad Skates - Shrewsbury Skate Shop - Wake2o UK