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Loaded Mata Hari

The new Loaded board is here! Continuing the legacy that is the Loaded dancer boards that were first brought to life in 2008. The Loaded Mata Hari embraces a progressive and rapidly evolving new era of longboard dancing and freestyle. Compact dimensions, lightweight construction, poppy kicktails, and a range of wheelbase options. The Mata Hari is designed to push the limits on technical dancing and freestyle. This makes the Mata Hari Loaded's most technically adept board for those who live to explore and challenge what is possible on a dancing skateboard.

With a symmetrical shape, mild rocker and concave; the Loaded Mats Hari comes with a very comfortable standing platform to practise all sorts of dance steps and your favourite freestyle tricks.


Functional Design - Compact, symmetrical shape with mild rocker and concave provide a comfortable and highly versatile platform for longboard dancing and freestyle trickery. Aggressive, street-inspired kicks generate powerful pop and help protect the rails and top surface of the deck when the board lands upside down.

Strong, Light and Poppy - Dual vertically laminated bamboo cores are sandwiched between layers of triaxial fiberglass, epoxy resin, and bamboo veneers to create a light, strong, and poppy platform for freestyle and dancing manoeuvres. CNC-milled wheel wells allow for loose trucks and reduce the chance of wheelbite.

Graphics - Hearkening back to an era of significant progress in music and dance, Loaded have opted for an Art Deco influenced design to inspire you to get your swing on. The griptape design echoes the Art Deco bottom graphic and ensures traction where needed while facilitating spins and pivots on top of the laser-etched top logo.

Loaded Mata Hari Longboard Available To Buy In UK From Shrewsbury Skate Shop - Wake2o


The Loaded Mata Hari includes three wheelbase options for a range of performance characteristics! Allowing you to fine tune your ride to be exactly how you want it!

  • Outer (29.25”): Ideal for you dance-aholics out there. Increased stability and space for footwork. Yields a slightly softer (but subtle) effective flex from the deck for cruising and carving comfort. Allows the rider to progressively shorten the wheelbase to maintain leverage at the kicktails as they wear.
  • Middle (28.25”): Standard wheelbase for the perfect blend of longboard dancing and freestyle maneuverability. 
  • Inner (27.25”): Ideal for freestyle. Increased agility, greater kicktail leverage, quicker, stronger pop, and reduced swingweight for more technical, aggressive freestyle riding. Yields a slightly firmer effective flex from the deck for enhanced control and resilience under heavy landings.

If you decide the Loaded Mata Hari longboard as a complete then we typically set it up on the middle wheel base as it is a nice middle ground to start from.

Complete Setup:

The Mata Hari comes as a standard setup. This includes:

Mata Hari Deck:
  • Length: 44.5″ / 113 cm
  • Width: 9.25″ / 23.5 cm
  • Wheelbase: 27.25, 28.25, 29.25” / 69.2, 71.8, 74.3 cm
  • Profile: Rocker
  • Deck Weight: 4.6 lbs / 2.1 kg
  • Risers: 1/16″ Shock Pads
  • Trucks: Paris V3 180mm 50° Trucks
  • Wheels: Orangatang 65mm Fat Free Wheels
  • Bearings: Loaded Jehu V2 Bearings
  • Hardware: Loaded 1″ Button Head Hardware

Available in one relatively stiff flex that is designed to give you robust and responsive ride, no matter you weight or riding style.

So there you have it - The Loaded Mata Hari longboard! A slightly smaller, freestyle oriented dancing board with a ton of variety and wheelbase options, and a skate inspired kick tail.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up the Loaded Mata Hari complete or deck here at Wake2o today! 


We have a few longboards that are perfect for anyone who like to dance on their board such as, Loaded Mata Hari, Loaded Bhangra V2, Loaded Dervish Sama. Check out our dancing longboards that we have available.

Like the name says, it is simply dancing on a longboard. It involves a combination of footwork, dance movements and rhythm all whilst carving the board.

Yes, in fact dancing longboard provide a lot of stability making them a comfortable and easy to cruise around!

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