Loaded X Pantheon Trip Collab Longboard

Loaded X Pantheon Trip Collab Longboard

The all new Loaded X Pantheon Trip collab is here! Combing Pantheon Longboards design capacities with Loaded's construction, design capacities and bring you a board that is going to touch a lot of people in a really good way... Perfect for those of you who are high level athletes and those casual riders too.

This board is designed around distance, commuting and fitness. Also happens to be an ideal board for beginners! 


Constructed with a 6 ply maple core with an epoxy infused cork top, tri-exo fibreglass and a carbon fibre bottom. Together this creates a light and stiff platform with exceptional vibration dampening characteristic.


    • Loaded Pantheon Trip Collab deck
    • Paris V3 165mm 50° trucks
    • Orangatang 85mm Caguama wheels
    • Loaded Jehu V2 bearings
    • Loaded 1/16” shock pads
    • Loaded button head hardware (1”)

Loaded Pantheon Trip Longboard Deck - Best Seller - Wake2o


  • Length: 33.25″ / 84.5 cm
  • Width: 9″ / 22.9 cm
  • Wheelbase: 27.25″ / 69.6 cm
  • Profile: mustache rocker
  • Weight (deck only): 3.6 lb / 1.6 kg

One flex fits all.


Designed by Eddie Kihm (who has worked on many of Pantheon’s board graphics) in collaboration with Loaded’s art team. The design explores a whimsical blend of Loaded and Pantheon’s unique aesthetics. The linework represents the roads connecting Loaded in California with Pantheon in Colorado.


Pantheon’s highly functional crescent drop lowers the center of gravity and stiffens the drops for efficient pushing while also providing enhanced lateral support and general ergonomics. The drop also allows for effortless slide initiation to control speed in common settings like hilly urban environments or paths and trails. Mustache rocker profile combines subtle camber at the deck’s midpoint with rocker under the feet. The localized camber pairs with the slightly tapered waist to provide suspension characteristics while allowing the rest of the board to remain stiff for optimum control. Mellow radial concave provides an ideal balance of edge control and riding comfort. The junctions between concave and crescent drop create three-dimensional pockets for secure and intuitive ergonomics.

Loaded Pantheon Trip Longboard Complete - Best Selling - Wake2o


The Trip longboard deck outline shape is cut to maximize usable foot space while minimize wheelbite. A slightly tapered waist complements the camber profile for a subtle suspension effect. The open-ended nose and tail provide flexural relief, protection against impact damage, and ease of assembly. Neutral truck mounting angles simplify setup while offering a versatile starting point for customization. 


The Trip Collab enhances Pantheon’s existing Trip model with elements of Loaded’s signature composite construction such as carbon fiber and cork. A 6-ply maple core is sandwiched between layers of triaxial fiberglass with biaxial carbon fiber bottom and cork top sheets. This layup results in a thin, stiff, and lightweight structure with snappy, responsive flex characteristics and improved vibration damping.

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