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Skate Shop Day

So, you have probably seen lots of posts over the past few days from your favourite skate shops talking about Skate Shop Day and you're probably wondering what it is. no worries, we're here to tell you all about skate shop day, what you can do to be apart of it and what we, at Wake2o, are doing in support of this day. 

What is Skate Shop Day?

Skate Shop Day is an annual event that recognize the importance of local skate shops in the skateboarding community, and encourages skaters to shop at their local stores instead of buying from big-box retailers or online shops. Skating culture has always been heavily influenced by local skate shops, which often serve as community hubs for skaters to gather, share knowledge, and build relationships.

Why You Should Care About Skate Shop Day

I'm sure a couple of you are asking yourselves this question and the answer is fairly straightforward. Without skateboard shops majority of you wouldn't be skating. Whether we are setting you up with your first complete or you're in need of some advice, us skate shops are always here for a helping hand. 

By supporting your local skate shop, you are also helping to support your local skate scene. Keeping your dollar local, means your local skateboard shop can continue to provide and introduce new skaters to their first board.

This year Skate Shop Day is on Saturday, 18th February and we have some exciting offers and codes coming your way to celebrate. So keep your eyes peeled on our socials to find out what steals you can get your hands on! 

If you're local, why not check out our store:


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