10 Water Sports That Improve Fitness

10 Water Sports To Improve Your Fitness - Wake2o

The Best Water Sports To Keep You Fit

Whether you're looking for a high or low impact sport. One to relax or one to get your adrenaline flowing. There is a water sport that will do just what you want.

Water sports is a great way to improve your mental health as well as your physical health. With so many options, that fits what you're after and your budget too. being adaptable too, you can adapt the sport to your level of fitness and needs.

So here are our top 10 water sports to keep you in shape:

This full-body workout is great for cardio, endurance and strength. Swimming is great for anyone, whether you're recovering from an injury or struggle with your joints or any other conditions that high-impact sports cause pain. It is low impact and easy to adapt to your fitness level.

Surfing is a great full body workout, some of the fitness benefits of surfing are: strength, balance, cardiovascular fitness and so much more. From paddling to duck diving in the waves, surfing is an ideal, low impact, fun sport that will definitely make you ache the next day! Not to mention the added bonus of catching some vitamin D (depending where you are).

Top 10 Water Sports To Improve Your Fitness - Wake2o

A great example that fitness can be fun! Kayaking mainly involves your upper body but your core and heart are involved too. Another low impact sport too which is great to help with joint issues or any injuries. 

A fun and chilled low impact sport that targets every muscle in your body. Some fitness benefits of paddle boarding are: core strength, balance, cardiovascular fitness and the bonus of vitamin D. SUP is great for your mental health as well as your body, being in nature can have a calming effect helping to reduce stress.

10 Water Sports To Improve Your Fitness - Wake2o

  • Kitesurfing

This sport requires a lot of strength and endurance in your legs and core as you harness the power of the wind to ride on the water. Also a great sport to improve your balance and coordination as you need to be able to control the kite whilst staying on the board. 

Although it is a sport you need to practice it is one hell of a workout! Targeting your core, legs and your balance too. Providing an adrenaline rush but still being a low impact sport and not to mention it is also super fun.

Top 10 Water Sports To Improve Fitness - Wake2o

  • Water skiing

Similar to wakeboarding, water skiing targets the core, legs and improves your balance. It's also a great sport to focus on your reactions as you need to control the skis and navigate the water.

  • Rowing

This full-body workout is great for cardio and endurance. Rowing works on all major muscle groups as you need strength and it the perfect way to tone and build those muscles.

Although you may not think snorkelling is a workout... it is and it is a great way to explore the underwater sites whilst working out your lower body as you kick through the water and burning calories.

Bodyboarding is great fun for adults and kids and a perfect gateway into surfing. Providing a full body workout, body boarding works on your arms and legs for paddling and is a fun form of cardio.

Top 10 Water Sports To Improve Your Fitness - Wake2o

    It's important to note that safety is always a priority. Always wear the appropriate gear and be aware of the conditions before you start.