Upgrading Your SUP Paddle

Upgrade Your SUP Paddle - Wake2o

Upgrading Your Paddle Board Paddle

When purchasing a paddle board you often don’t consider the paddle, your main focus is on the board itself, however you soon become to realise the limitations that come with the paddle supplied.

Here at Wake2o we have a wide range of SUP paddles, so there is something for everyone. Majority of paddle board packages come with an aluminium or alloy paddle with a plastic/nylon blade. These paddles are placed in packages are they are affordable and get you out onto the water and help you develop your skills. It will only take borrowing your friends fibreglass or carbon paddle to discover what you’re missing out on.

There are a couple of different attributes to consider so let’s got through them.

Firstly, Upgrading The Material Of Your Paddle:


This is the next SUP paddle up from an aluminium one. Fibreglass paddles are more lightweight and have a stiffer shaft, resulting in them being more direct compared to an aluminium paddle. Another thing you will notice buy switching to a fibreglass paddle from aluminium is that they aren’t cold to touch, this benefit of this is that you won’t suffer hand fatigue meaning you can stay out paddling for longer!


Upgrading your paddle to a carbon is the real game changer. Top of the market material in paddles, therefore resulting in a much more direct and strong paddle. You may feel your paddle interacting with the water more with each stroke, feeling much more stable and less fluttery. A carbon paddle is even lighter than a fibreglass one as well as being stiffer, helping create more speed with each stroke.

Upgrading Your SUP Paddle - Wake2o

Secondly, Best Paddle Blade For You:

The next thing you need to consider is the blade size of your paddle. Everyone is different so blade sizing is trial and error. Of course different size blades have different advantages, think of it like changing gear on your bike till you find what gear you’re more comfortable with, finding the right paddle blade is like that.

A smaller blade is great for speed. Typically the smaller and lighter the rider the better a smaller blade will suit. Smaller blades are also brilliant for long distances as you conserve energy more.

Larger blades provide the paddler with more power but you compensate with the speed. Larger blades are ideal for heavier and taller riders. They can be used for shorter distances as you don’t have to worry about fatigue.

How to know if your paddle is too big for you:

  • Sore shoulders
  • Rapid fatigue
  • Hard to paddle straight
  • Back pain.

How to know if your paddle is too small:

  • Lack of acceleration
  • Lack of overall stroke power

Something we recommend when you upgrade your paddle is purchasing a paddle edge saver for the blade of your paddle. Edge savers protect the blade from any chipping and scuffs and definitely worth the buy to save your new paddle from any dings.

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