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what is
stand up paddleboarding?

Stand up paddle boarding, or SUP, is a water sport that involves standing on a large, stable board and using a paddle to propel yourself across the water. It originated in Hawaii and has gained popularity all over the world in recent years. Unlike traditional surfing where the rider rides the waves, stand-up paddle boarding can be done on any body of water, from lakes to rivers and even in the ocean. It's a great way to explore the outdoors, stay active, and enjoy the water. Paddle boarding is suitable for all ages and fitness levels, and with the right equipment and technique, it's easy to learn and can be enjoyed by beginners and experienced paddlers alike.

Paddleboarding is easy to learn, making it accessible to people of all ages and fitness levels. With so many benefits and opportunities to explore the natural world, it's easy to see why paddleboarding has become such a popular activity.


Paddleboarding has become increasingly popular over the years for several reasons.

  • It's a versatile activity that can be done on various bodies of water, making it accessible to people who don't live near the coast. In fact, 80% of SUP is done on flat water and with the portability of inflatable SUPs you can explore anywhere!
  • Paddle boarding an excellent low-impact exercise that provides a full-body workout, which is great for both physical and mental health.
  • Stand up paddle boarding can also be a social activity that can be enjoyed with friends and family.
  • It's an eco-friendly way to explore the outdoors, as it doesn't require any fuel or emissions.
  • There are many variations of the sport; surf SUP, yoga, race, white water and more. So there is some form of paddle boarding for everyone.

Paddleboard yoga, or SUP yoga, is a unique form of yoga that involves practising yoga poses on a paddleboard in the water. It combines the benefits of traditional yoga, such as improved flexibility, balance, and mindfulness, with the added challenge of practising on an unstable surface. Typically, yoga SUPs are wider to help with balance.

Paddleboard yoga classes typically take place in calm, flat water, and participants use the paddleboard as their yoga mat. The water provides a peaceful and serene environment that enhances the yoga experience, and the added challenge of balancing on the SUP adds an extra element of fun and excitement. Paddleboard yoga is suitable for yogis of all levels, and it's a great way to connect with nature while practising yoga.


Paddleboards can be a worthwhile investment for those who enjoy water sports and outdoor activities. They offer a unique and fun way to explore the water, get exercise, and connect with nature. While they can be a bit pricey, paddle boards are durable and can last for years with proper care, making them a good investment in the long run. Overall, if you enjoy being on the water and want a fun and unique way to explore, a paddleboard can definitely be worth the investment.

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