Wheel Talk: Orangatang Dad Bods

Wheel Talk: Orangatang 105mm Dad Bod Longboard Wheels - Wake2o

Wheel Talk: Orangatang Dad Bods

We are here to bring you some wonderful news about the new release from Orangatang Wheels... The 105mm Dad Bod. We like to think of the Dad Bods as one of the most high performance 100mm plus urethane wheels in existence!

The Orangatang Dad Bods feature that tried and true happy urethane formula. A formula that keeps you rolling nie and fast with its high rebound-ness and ultra cushion smooth across all varieties of pavement. Grippy where you need it and soft and plushy where you want it.

Now, the Dad Bod is designed for some next level commuting, long distance pushing, long distance pushing and long or short distance e-skating. Thanks to its voluptuous fatherly figure, you're going to be getting absurd distance per push. It's kind of like cheating, when you work smarter not harder. 

The Orangatang Dad Bod features firm, yet cush, outer lips for comfort and speed. 

Now wheels of this size tend to be a little hard to control, so Orangatang have introduce the new traction trench on the inner lip of the wheel. This sweet like groove is the secret sauce to getting that dependable traction that you'll come to know and love from the dad bod. 

The Dad Bod is an offset wheel allowing you to ride with a thicker lip on the outside or, when you're feeling a little randy, flip it around and ride that traction trench on the outside instead.

The wide and smooth contact surface provides tons of grip, as well as tons of vibration dampening. Orangatang have also rounded the edges, so you don't go catching on cracks and seams in the pavement, something that you know and love from the Orangatang Caguamas.

Wheel Talk: Orangatang 105mm Dad Bod Longboard Wheels | Wake2o

The Triple Core

Supporting the urethane is the brand spanking new triple core (4 years in the making). The triple core not only supports the urethane to give you a very even and fast roll but it also sheds a lot of the weight that comes with wheel this size. It's such a big sport core and such a high rebound urethane, this baby's meant to roll!

Now, the triple core has a super wide design with a deep valley for a lot of the urethane to nestle into. In the deep valley comes trumpeted edges on either side of the core to provide dependable support for the lips. Not to mention that deep valley gives a sweet soft point in the middle of the wheel, helps to mellow out a lot of those bad vibes. This brand new sensual triple core is made from a glass infused urethane construction. Designed to be nice and sturdy, it will help increase the durability of your wheel and provide reliable grip.

The Dad Bods phobia triggering triple core works incredibly well with any E-Skate pulley that's designed for the kegel or the caguama. it fits into the tear drop shapes right near the center. And if E-Skate pulley manufacturers feel so inclined, Orangatang added some new mounting hole options for them on the outer diameter of the core.

Wheel Talk: Orangatang Dad Bod 105mm Longboard Wheels - Wake2o

Recommended setups for the Dad Bods

The Dad Bod is compatible with most top mount boards... if you use enough risers. With a whee; this size you have to make some accommodations. A few of our personal favourite setups include:

The Loaded Vanguard with the Orangatang Knuckle bushings - super flowy and fast with ultra deep carves.

The Loaded Mata Hari with Orangatang Nipples - A scaled up, biy boy skateboard. Designed for all those big boys that don't want to try that hard.

The Loaded Ballona with Orangatang Nipples and flipped Dad Bods (that's the key, you've got to flip them) - Turn that little bugger into the ultimate flatland cruiser that rolls forever and rolls over everything.

So be sure to grab yourself of Orangatang 105mm Dad Bods longboard wheels today. For the big wheel fanatics in all of us. Named after the sensual figure and CEO.

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