Guide: Skateboard Decks

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Guide: Skateboard Decks

Here at Wake2o, we have a wide selection of skateboard decks in various sizes, concaves and length. Choosing the correct sized skateboard deck for you can be difficult whether it's your first board, or you're wanting to build a custom setup. In this guide we have compiled all of the information you need to make the hunt a little easier!

Deck Width

The width of your skateboard deck is very important, the width of your deck can affect the performance of your riding, depending on what style of riding you're wanting to do. The wider your deck, the easier it will be to perfect flip tricks, whereas wider decks are great for cruising around streets. 

The table below is just a size guide.

Age Shoes Size Height Deck Width
Toddler - Child 0 - 5 0 - 3 6.5" - 6.75"
Child 5 - 8 4 - 6 3'5 - 4'4 7.0" - 7.3"
Child - Teen 9 - 12 7 - 8 4'4 - 5'3 7.3" - 7.5"
Teen - Adult 13+ 5'3+   7.5"+

If you have a skate shop nearby, pop in and stand on a couple of boards and check your stance and pick whichever board feels most comfortable. Also, if you stand the skateboard on its tail, typically you want the nose to be around hip length. But the size of your deck is totally up to you and your preferences, this is just a guide.

Guide: Skateboard Decks - Wake2o

Style Of Skateboards:

Skateboards come in 4 different styles which are all designed for different forms of riding.

Shortboard - The shortest of the designs making it perfect for performing tricks, like ollies etc. Shortboards are perfect for street and park riding.

Cruiser - The name says it all really, cruisers are ideal for cruising around the streets. They're mid-length boards, making them very maneuverable. Often cruisers have kick tails but are designed more for cruising about.

Old School - This style of skateboards are typically flat nosed and tailed and asymmetrical in shape. Old school boards are great for skate pools, ramps and street riding. Due to these boards being a bit wider with longer wheel bases, it makes them very stable.

Longboard - Longboards are very stable and provide rail to rail balance. Due to this style of board being lower to the ground, having longer wheel bases and longer wheels, it makes them a lot easier to control when going at speed. Longboards are great for downhill riding, transport, cruising, dancing and so much more.


The concave on a skateboard is essentially the curve of the deck. Concave helps with strengthening the skateboard and aiding the rider with control. There are three types of concave:

Mellow - This style of concave is more stable and comfortable for the rider, however, makes doing flip trips more difficult.

Medium - Standard/ medium concave are perfect for beginners.

Steep - Steep/High concave skateboards are ideal for riders who are wanting to do flip tricks as they allow you to flick your board harder and faster. High concave boards are also great for tight turning as the curve holds you in place more.

Features Of A Skateboard Deck


The length of your deck isn't as important as the width. Length is measured from the tip of your skateboard deck to the tail. You don't often hear people talking about the length as the width and wheelbase are more important. 


The wheelbase on a skateboard is the distance between the inner mounting hole. This determines how far apart your front and back wheels will be. Most skateboards tend to only have one set of holes, but some have 2 sets so you can change the wheelbase to your stance.

Nose and Tail: 

The nose is the front of your skateboard and the tail is the back. It can sometime be difficult to tell which end is which but most brands make it clear with their graphics. Some boards have a slightly higher nose than their kicktail.  

Shop our wide range of skateboard decks here and if you need any help contact us and one of our team will help you out.