Sabbath Wheels


      Get ready to drop in and experience the next level of skateboard wheel madness – Sabbath Wheels is the freshest addition to the gnarly lineup at Wake2o! Born from the creative mind of Birmingham's own Rob Whiston, the maestro behind Skateboarders Companion, Sabbath Wheels is set to turn the skatewheel game upside down. We're amped to have this homegrown skate company shredding on the shelves at Wake2o.

      Backed by a squad that's as sick as your latest kickflip, Sabbath Wheels isn't just a brand – it's a lifestyle. With the promise of being 'fast as fuck,' these wheels are engineered for speed demons who want to leave the competition in the dust. Whether you're grinding rails, hitting ramps, or cruising the streets, Sabbath Wheels are your ticket to pushing the limits.

      Wake2o is all about celebrating local talent, and Sabbath Wheels embodies the raw energy of Birmingham's skate scene. These wheels aren't just urethane; they're a statement of rebellion, a symbol of carving your own path in the concrete jungle.

      If you're ready to crank up the velocity and inject some serious style into your ride, grab a set of Sabbath Wheels. The skate wheels scene is about to get a serious shake-up, and you'll be at the forefront of the revolution. Sabbath Wheels – because speed shouldn't just be a sensation; it should be a way of life. #SabbathWheels #FastAsFck #SkateRevolution

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