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RAM Longboards

Surf the streets and explore the world with the latest collection from RAM Longboards.

Whilst they may be a relative “rookie” to the longboarding scene, RAM are coming strong and with a desire to inspire skaters from any walk of life to be more creative, to want more freedom, more speed and top quality products at a price that won’t break the bank.

Backed by a solid team of designers and developers who have been working together for several years to bring their finest offerings to the longboarding community. Notably, Alex Luxat who is the technical product manager at RAM. He has been heavily involved in the industry, both as a designer and as a skater of many disciplines for many years. With his influences and the vision of RAM’s founding partners, they have worked together to optimise and perfect their designs to be in keeping with the original, clean and simple longboard shapes you’re used to seeing.

RAM have experimented with different truck and wheel combinations and the smallest details have been thought about carefully with continuous testing and redesigning to ensure that every longboarder out there who picks up a RAM Longboard will get the best ride, with the best components possible. Different pressing techniques have also been tried and tested to ensure that you get the POP you’re looking for from the high quality Canadian Maple plies.

When you buy a RAM Longboard you can be sure that you are skating on ethically and responsibly sourced Canadian Maple. RAM are helping to increase sustainability by planting more maple trees for each one that is harvested and therefore reducing the negative impact on the environment.