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Abec 11 Classic BigZigs Wheels - Green - 75mm

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Introducing the Abec 11 Classic BigZigs: Unleash Your Ultimate Control on the Pavement!

Designed with the renowned Abec 11 urethane formula, these Classic BigZigs deliver unparalleled performance and control for all your sliding needs. Whether you're a downhill enthusiast or a freeriding aficionado, these wheels offer the perfect combination of stability and manoeuvrability.

Crafted with the classic formula that made Abec 11 a household name, these BigZigs retain every fantastic feature of the Reflex series. Get ready to carve through turns, execute precise slides, and dominate any terrain with confidence.


  • Excellent acceleration, quiet, smooth.
  • Offset wheels with lots of grip.


  • Size: 75mm
  • Edge: Square
  • Hub: Off Set

With the Abec 11 Classic BigZigs, you'll experience the exhilaration of smooth, controlled slides like never before. Their advanced urethane formula ensures optimal grip when you need it, while still allowing for effortless, controlled slides whenever you desire.

Perfect for adrenaline junkies and seasoned riders alike, these wheels will take your skating skills to new heights. So grab your board, equip yourself with the ultimate control, and get ready to conquer the asphalt with the Abec 11 Classic BigZigs.

Note: To provide the best experience, we recommend pairing these wheels with high-quality trucks and bearings for maximum performance.

Order your Abec 11 Classic BigZigs today and experience the thrill of unparalleled control on every ride. Elevate your skate game to new dimensions!

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